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One of the worst open-goal misses of the year reminds us of awful Cristiano Ronaldo howler at Manchester United

Indonesia routed Brunei 7-0 at the 2022 AFF Championship, a traditional tournament among South Asian nations. After the game, players from Tim Garuda celebrated the victory, except for crestfallen defender Hansamu Yama, who experienced an embarrassing moment during the game. 

Yama could have added another goal for Indonesia on the scoreboard but ended up submitting a strong entry for the howler of the year award, missing a shot so close to the goal line that it's almost impossible to understand how he was able to miss the chance. 

Worst open goal miss 2022

With Brunei surrendered, Yama abandoned his defensive duties at some point in the game and went through the opponent's box as an extra striker, ready to connect an excellent cross from the right. The goal was empty and the ball just needed a tiny tap to rest in the net. 

But Yama ruined everything by sending it to outer space. 


Of course, Yama's effort became material for laughs online, earning him a few comparisons with Liverpool's forward Darwin Núñez, who is not precisely enjoying a good stretch. 

Other people tried to be more supportive, showing him that even stars like Cristiano Ronaldo have failed as miserably as him. And for that, they unearthed an old clip of CR7 at Manchester United, blowing a very similar chance during a game against Sheffield United in 2006.

You can call that inspiration.

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