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Marcos Acuña's horrible tackle almost breaks Dani Ceballos in half

Marcos Acuña was sent off in Sevilla’s 2-1 LaLiga home defeat against Real Madrid this Saturday, and although not much was at stake, the Argentinian could’ve easily left Spaniard Dani Ceballos without playing for a long, long time.

Marcos Acuna’s horrible tackle against Dani Ceballos

In the 83rd minute of the match held at the Sánchez Pizjuán, with Sevilla trailing 2-1, a very late tackle made by Acuña against Ceballos sent the 2022 World Cup champion out for an early shower.

Acuña went studs up and practically ran over Real Madrid’s No. 19. The Argentinian was given a direct red card.

Horrible stuff.

To think the Sevilla squad had the audacity to ask for a VAR review… he almost broke Ceballos’ ankle in half!

The reception of the play on social media was, as expected, critical of the albiceleste player and demanding of a more-than-one-game suspension. Pig, disgusting, horrible and criminal were some of the adjectives used to describe his tackle.

The incident also reminded fans of a Papu Gomez’s tackle against Federico Valverde in the Real Madrid-Sevilla LaLiga game earlier this season. In both instances, the pair of Argentinians made late tackles with no intention of playing the ball.

As an attempt to defend his challenge, the left back also took his opinions on the play to social media, making a blasphemous claim that Sevilla played with the referees against them. “It’s becoming difficult [for Sevilla] to play against 12” said the player via an Instagram story.

My word.

All in all and despite his complaints, Acuña will be unable to play Sevilla’s final league game, as well as the Europa League Final against Roma after picking up a suspension in the semifinal against Juventus. Guess he’s been playing against 12 across all competitions.

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