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A man of the people: Lionel Messi indulges fans with selfies while grocery shopping in Miami

While he awaits his official presentation in Inter Miami (Sunday, July 16), Lionel Messi is starting to blend with life in the United States. The Argentine star was seen Thursday night making a run to Publix, a local grocery store, with his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, and their three kids.

Of course, his presence didn't go unnoticed.

Lionel Messi is seen at a grocery store in Miami

Several fans doing their night shopping spotted the World Cup champion between the aisles and requested him to pose for a quick selfie.

And Messi indulged them.

Curious about what he bought? You can't see much except for a 12-egg carton, some fruits and a few family-size cereal boxes (Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms) for the boys, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

Of course, fans are wondering why Messi had to go to the store, considering he could have paid someone or used services like Instacart or Amazon Fresh to do it. And while we don't have a certain answer, some are starting to speculate that every move of the Argentine in the U.S. will be heavily sponsored and monetized.

How do you link that to a grocery store? Publix is a partner of Inter Miami. Digging too deep? Messi went to the Inter Miami training camp for the first time on Friday morning, and he did it driving an Audi, which is the official car partner of MLS.

Well, somehow you have to pay him for being here.

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