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Crazed fan jumps onto field and assaults Millionarios player before kick-off

Deportes Tolima and Millonarios were ready to face off in Colombia’s Categoría Primera A in the fourth match day of the season at the Estadio Manuel Murillo Toro on Sunday.

However, a crazed fan’s actions lead to an unusual and reprehensible sequence of events that suspended the game.

Deportes Tolima fan assaults Millonarios’ Daniel Cataño

When the game was seconds away from kick-off and the broadcast camera was paning to Millionarios’ Daniel Cataño, a Deportes Tolima fan assaulted and punched the Colombian player behind his back.

Following the assault, Daniel Cataño chased after the crazed fan, pushing him to the ground before the fan got arrested and escorted out of the stadium by police.

Moments after the incident, while stadium security and officials took care of the situation, center referee Wilmar Roldan walked towards Cataño and sent the player off due to unsportsmanlike conduct. The player could be suspended for up to four match days for taunting and for up to 10 games for assaulting a fan.

Looking at playing 90 minutes with 10 men and without the assurance of proper security for the event, Millonarios decided to walk off and refused to participate in the game. The violence was, unfortunately, not over yet.

While Millonarios were trying to leave the stadium, Deportes Tolima fans threw objects of all sorts to the team bus, including a rock that resulted in a broken passenger window. Absolutely shocking scenes.

The Colombian national team and clubs across the league have expressed their support for Millonarios and Daniel Cataño on social media.

Alejandro Montenegro, the fan who assaulted Cataño, was kept overnight in jail and has since released an apology to everyone involved in a video that's as sympathetic as the word unsympathetic. He didn’t even change his jersey.

“I come before you to apologize. Suddenly I let myself be carried away by the emotions that are experienced inside a football stadium. They are emotions that are not correct because we cannot allow football to turn into violence,” said Montenegro.

Montenegro is in the process of being prosecuted and sentenced by a jury. He is also expected to receive a multiple-year ban from entering any stadium in the country.

Sanctions against the team and the stadium are still to be announced.

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