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Messi and four other Argentina stars narrowly escape being knocked off a bus by a street cable

Argentina is in a big massive party state right now. Government officials declared a national holiday this Tuesday while thousands of fans are gathering near the Obelisco in Buenos Aires to celebrate the World Cup title next to the players who reached the glory. 

But things could have taken a tragic twist Monday night after the national team arrived in Argentina when an overhead cable almost hit five stars of La Albicesleste, including Lionel Messi.

Messi almost hit by a street cable

Once the team arrived home, the players hopped on an open-top bus for a celebratory run through Buenos Aires' streets. 

Nicolás Otamendi, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo de Paul, Leandro Paredes and Lionel Messi, holding the World Cup trophy, sat in the highest spot of the bus and from there greeted all the fans who accompanied them during the route. 

The drama almost hit when the bus turned in a corner and went through a street with several overhead cables. Otamendi was the first to notice the danger ahead and helped Di María to duck on time while Messi – with his high spacial-reasoning IQ on display – also avoided the contact, holding the World Cup trophy tighter than ever

Rodrigo de Paul also dodged the cable on time, leaning his body to protect Messi, as he usually does in the field. ¿Paredes? He eventually escaped, too, but it was so close that he actually touched the cable with one of his hands and lost his cap in the sequence. 

The parade was being broadcasted on live TV, so the scene paralyzed the hearts not only among the fans on the streets next to the national team bus but also among thousands of people watching the event at home.

Close call, right?

Luckily nothing happened and Messi woke up on Tuesday with a very nice companion next to him. 

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