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Soccer POV: FC Cologne Players Wear Bodycams In Friendly Against AC Milan

AC Milan defeated FC Cologne 2-1 in a preseason friendly yesterday. The game was fine and I imagine both coaches drew significant conclusions for the upcoming campaign, but what really blew people's minds was the absurd amount of technology used during the broadcast.

Part of the Telekom Cup, the match was billed as "The Innovation Game" due to all the gadgets used on the field, including unique cleat soles used to track player movements, some mic'd up ballers, and — for the first time — bodycams attached to two Cologne stars and the refs. 

Cologne vs. Milan Bodycam Highlights

Of all the tech output, the most interesting was the bodycam footage. The cameras were supplied by an Israeli company called MindFly and attached to the jerseys of defender Timo Hübers and forward Tim Lemperle. And through their point of view, we were able to enjoy an Oliver Giroud brace and a Florien Dietz goal from an unusual perspective.

"It took me a little to get used to the bodycam because it was quite warm underneath," said Hübers after the experience. "You could tell you are wearing it, but it didn't limit me."

FC Cologne's coach Steffen Baumgart was not particularly happy with the idea. 

"I'm more of a traditionalist and don't like everything that happens on the field being out there," he said. 

Sadly for Baumgart, I see this kind of technology thriving in the short term. Leagues are pushing for ways to seduce the coveted GenZ crowd and this videogame-inspired technology seems to be going in the right direction. 

In fact, the bodycam services supplied by MindFly will debut in the big leagues of basketball during Euroleague 2022-23. The idea is to provide new highlights via social media and profit through annoying NFTs. According to CEO Eran Tal, the next stop is soccer.

"We are currently in advanced negotiations to sign agreements with several clubs and top football leagues in Europe and with several major broadcasters in Europe and United States," he said. 

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