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A New Girlfriend, Javier? A Deep Dive Into Chicharito Hernández's Love Life

As one of the most successful soccer players in Mexican history, Javier Hernández is always in the news because of his goals, his presence or absence from the national team and things that are not related to soccer at all. Of course, one of those things is his romantic life, such as speculation over who is the latest Chicharito girlfriend.

And, boy, he has been in the pages of la prensa del corazón quite a lot. 

Chicharito Girlfriend Latest

In fact, there are currently reports that Chicharito is in a new relationship. According to social media sleuths, the girlfriend's name is Nicole McPherson and she is an Instagram influencer. 

Who is Nicole McPherson, the newst Chicharito girlfriend?

To be honest, the world doesn't know a lot about Nicole, other than she has a 5-year-old son, loves to travel and works for a brand studio.

Do we have proof that she is dating Chicharito? Well, the specialists in this field claim both were in Tulum on vacation and point to one specific video of Nicole McPherson on Instagram, where we can see our old chum Javier with a big, bright smile.

Hernández recently divorced from the Australian model Sarah Kohan, mother of his two children, and maybe that explains why gossip columnists have been so adamant in finding him a new romance.

But neither Hernández nor McPherson have confirmed the relationship. So they could also be just friends.

Every Chicharito Girlfriend

In the official books, Chicharito has been in five long-term relationships.

Leticia Sahagún

Chicharito's first love was the TV host Leticia Sahagún. The romance started in Guadalajara and lasted nine years. There were even some rumors of wedding bells. However, Chicharito's move from Chivas to Manchester United didn't help. The couple tried a long-distance relationship, but in the end, both decided to go separate ways.

"Because of our jobs, we didn't have time to travel and visit each other, so after a few months without seeing each other, it was difficult to continue," Sahagún explained recently. 

Lucía Villalón

Hernández met Villalón while he was playing in Real Madrid. They were together for two years and had a wedding date. However, the relationship ended on a very sour note, with Villalón claiming that she felt abandoned after being hospitalized because of pneumothorax.

"He wasn't by my side when I needed him the most. He came, rushed and after that, he went on vacation," she revealed. "When the doctors released me, I came to our house, we talked about what had happened and the relationship was over."

Camila Sodi

Days after breaking up with Villalón, Chicharito started dating Camila Sodi, a niece of the famous singer Thalia. There were romantic pictures of the couple walking in Paris, but the relationship didn't last more than a few months. The distance between Mexico and Germany (Chicharito was already playing for Bayer Leverkusen) and the aftermath of Hernández's split with Lucía Villalón put too much pressure on the relationship.

"The media created too many stories. Was he still with his ex? Did I cause the breakup? Nothing was true," she told Vanity Fair. 

Andrea Duro

A love that was born and died on Instagram. Chicharito started dating the Spanish actor halfway through 2017 when he played for West Ham United, but it was over before the 2018 World Cup.

At the time, Duro wrote some mysterious posts suggesting Hernández asked her for some time to think about the relationship when in reality he was seeing other people. Chicharito reacted to those messages, also on Instagram: "I am and I continue to be single, end of statement," he posted.

Sarah Kohan

After the 2018 World Cup, love knocked again on Chicharito's door. This time, the Mexican player couldn't resist the charm of the Australian model Sarah Kohan. The romance was intense, so intense that Hernández proposed, and they got married secretly in January of 2019. From their love, two children were born: Noah and Nala.

Unfortunately, the relationship is now over. Kohan filed divorce papers last June, claiming "he doesn't participate in the parenting of his young children," among other things.

Chicharito, in an interview with The Ringer, recognized that he could have been a better husband.

"I wasn’t the best partner I needed to be; I wasn’t the greatest dad that I wanted to be," he said. "I wasn’t a great friend. I wasn’t the great human being I wanted to be."

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