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Inquisitive Dog Barks Some Questions In Tata Martino Press Conference

Two years into the COVID pandemic, it's safe to say we've all experienced at least one Zoom mishap. Just a couple days ago, for example, my three-year-old daughter yelled "yeah!" after an idea I shared with my colleagues at The18. It wasn't a great idea, but the "yeah!" brought some laughs and a consolation comment from my boss: "At least someone liked it."

Dog Interrupts Tata Martino Press Conference

The whole situation was embarrassing, but probably not at the scale of what happened to sports journalist Orlando Castelán, whose dog started barking in the middle of Tata Martino's press conference ahead of the game between México and Jamaica. 

Castelán surely had good questions for Martino, but while he was introducing himself, the persistent and high-pitched yap of his dog stole the show. The noise was unbearable, and Martino's face encapsulated the feeling of those who were there but off-screen. 

Or maybe, just maybe, Martino knows the language of the dogs, and he was uncomfortable with some valid and pressing questions from the pet. 

"How do you make Mexico's fans forget about an awful 2021? Is it true you quit the national team after the game against Canada?"

After Castelán finally asked his question, Martino didn't make any reference to the dog. Or, if you prefer, he conveniently ignored the animal. 

You dog, Tata. You dog.

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