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700,000 People Watched Live As Cristiano Ronaldo Did Nothing Inside Of A Sauna

Cristiano Ronaldo not only breaks records when he scores a goal. Off the field, every time that he posts a photo or a video on Instagram, the internet explodes.

Numbers don't lie (they do, but shhh!), and here are two events that prove his popularity in the social network:

  • A few days ago, Cristiano became the first person to reach 400,000,000 followers.
  • The announcement of him and his partner Georgina Rodríguez expecting twins is the second most-liked post ever, with 32.6 million-plus hearts. Only the World Record Egg — with 55.7 million — has more.

Cristiano's success is so big that even an accidental and superfluous Live can attract an audience of 700,000 people in just seconds. Yep, that's two Icelands in one click, as we witnessed on Wednesday when CR7 turned on his camera for a bizarre session from his private sauna.

The clip shows him looking at the camera, smiling, maybe trying to figure out how a phone works or who knows what, for eight minutes. And he doesn't say a word while the number of spectators goes up and up.

The sequence is so weird that at some point former teammate Rio Ferdinand left a comment that surely represents the thoughts of every sane person on this planet: "what you doing bro?"

Cristiano Ronaldo Live

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