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Diego Simeone tells how many times a player needs to have sex a month to be on his team

Many people see Diego Simeone as a villain: Dressed in black, with a resting tough guy face and always displaying tactics ready to ruin a night of "good football." 

El Cholo, however, can be fun, playful and a little bit naughty.

Proof of this statement is his latest interview with the Spanish radio show "El Partidazo de COPE," where he spoke about different topics, including sex. Specifically about how much sex he is having and how much sex his players need to have to be part of his team.

Of course, all in a joking tone. 

The conversation went from the field to the bed after host Joseba Larragaña brought up a "scientific" survey to the table.

"A Spanish survey says that Spanish people have sex 56 times a year on average. Are you more Spanish or Argentine in this regard?" Larragaña questioned.

Married to entrepreneur Carla Pereyra since 2019, Simeone was surprised by the inquiry but went ahead.

"How many did you say? 56... 56 times a year... How many a month would that be? Four? No, four times a month. No," he said before cracking up his interviewers. "With four times a month, you can't play in my team."

Once the radio hosts insisted on the question, Simeone said, "15 times a month? I'm not going to tell you, but we have a good average."

After an extremely bumpy first half of the season, Simeone straightened up Atlético de Madrid's course in LaLiga to a 2nd or 3rd position finish, depending on the results in matchday 38 this weekend, so it is very likely we will see him in charge of the team again for the 2023-24 campaign.

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