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The18's Champions League Semifinal Predictions

Our Champions League predictions arrive at the semifinal stage with Europe's premier club competition showcasing England's two best teams, Manchester City and Liverpool, Spain's top side, Real Madrid, and another Spanish representative, Villarreal, that's thoroughly deserving of its place having knocked out Bayern Munich, Juventus and Atalanta on its memorable journey.

Who will contest the final on May 28 at the Stade de France in Paris? Let's turn to our collective of Nostradamus-minded people.

UEFA Champions League Semifinals 2022 Predictions

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid

The18 Says (Overall Record: 8-3-1): We don't know (3 votes to 3) 

David Moore (Overall Record: 8-4)

First leg (GBR): 2-1 Real Madrid 

Second leg (ESP): 2-1 Real Madrid 

Aggregate: 4-2 Real Madrid 

Reason: Manchester City's choking in the Champions League continues as Madman Modrić provides the juiciest, moistest assists for Benzema to get on the end of. 

Bianca Coca (Overall Record: 5-7)

First leg (GBR): 2-1 Real Madrid

Second leg (ESP): 3-2 Real Madrid 

Aggregate: 5-3 Real Madrid 

Reason: This does not seem likely but I believe in miracles.

Travis Yoesting (Overall Record: 10-2)

First leg (GBR): 3-2 Man City 

Second leg (ESP): 3-1 Real Madrid 

Aggregate: 5-4 Real Madrid 

Reason: Part of me thinks this has to be the year Pep Guardiola wins the Champions League with Manchester City, but I just can't pick against Real Madrid right now. This year's Los Blancos have an odd balance that somehow works more often than not. Madrid will give City all the possession it wants while striking on the counter with Vini Jr. and Karim Benzema supplied by Luka Modrić and Toni Kroos. City will get its goals, but so too will Real, and ultimately the kings of Europe will triumph in extra time to advance to their first final in the post-Cristiano Ronaldo era.

Luis Vidal (Overall Record: 8-4)

First leg (GBR): 2-0 Man City 

Second leg (ESP): 1-1 

Aggregate: 3-1 Man City 

Reason: I keep being wrong in predicting Real Madrid's results in the Champions League. I say they're going to be eliminated, and then Karim Benzema shuts my mouth. But guess what? I'm going to do it again: Real Madrid will say goodbye in the semis. Pep Guardiola knows how to treat Los Merengues, and he will know how to treat them again, becoming the top villain in Madrid's soccer scene this season.

Connor Fleming (Overall Record: 7-5)

First leg (GBR): 3-1 Man City 

Second leg (ESP): 2-1 Real Madrid 

Aggregate: 4-3 Man City 

Reason: Guardiola devised a plan that sent Real tumbling out in the last-16 in 2020, and the master tactician finds a way to crowd the midfield and restrict the supply to Vinícius on the counter, leaving Benzema a lonely operator. He'll still probably score three, but City's attack will look dangerous every possession. 

Mariel McCown (Overall Record: 9-3)

First leg (GBR): 2-1 Man City 

Second leg (ESP): 2-2 

Aggregate: 4-3 Man City 

Reason: Man City will be hungry for their first title having come SO CLOSE last year. Not even Benzema's head can deny them a spot in the final. 

Liverpool vs. Villarreal

The18 Says: Liverpool (4 votes to 2)  

David Moore

First leg (GBR): 1-0 Liverpool 

Second leg (ESP): 2-1 Villarreal 

Aggregate: 2-2 (Villarreal advances on penalties) 

Reason: I've bet against the Yellow Submarine all tournament long. Now's the time to bet on them. 

Bianca Coca

First leg (GBR): 2-1 Villarreal

Second leg (ESP): 1-0 Villarreal 

Aggregate: 3-1 Villarreal

Reason: The Cinderellarreal story will live happily ever after ;)  

Travis Yoesting

First leg (GBR): 2-1 Liverpool 

Second leg (ESP): 1-1 

Aggregate: 3-2 Liverpool 

Reason: Unai Emery's Villarreal is incredibly tough to break down in knockout competitions, but if there's any team that can find a way, it's Liverpool at Anfield. Spurred on by an obnoxiously overconfident crowd, the Reds will score off a corner kick and a penalty kick in the first leg. Villarreal will outplay Liverpool in the second leg, but Jürgen Klopp's team will do just enough to return to the Champions League final for the first time since 2019. 

Luis Vidal

First leg (GBR): 2-0 Liverpool 

Second leg (ESP): 2-1 Liverpool 

Aggregate: 4-1 Liverpool 

Reason: I expected Villarreal to get rid of Juventus, but I was surprised by its amazing job against Bayern Munich. Chapeau, Unai Emery. But it's time to say farewell to the dream. Liverpool is an army on a mission: to achieve a historic quadruple and the Submarino Amarillo will not be able to stop them. 

Connor Fleming

First leg (GBR): 1-1

Second leg (ESP): 2-0 Liverpool 

Aggregate: 3-1 Liverpool 

Reason: That first leg against Bayern Munich at the Cerámica showed this Villarreal side is much more than just Unai Emery's tactics board — this team is capable of playing some sublime football. That won't be the plan at Anfield, especially without the injured Gerard Moreno, but Liverpool won't fuss if it's close heading into the return leg. The Reds have won away matches at the Metropolitano, San Siro (twice), Estádio da Luz and Estádio do Dragão this campaign. They're fearless.  

Mariel McCown

First leg (GBR): 3-1 Liverpool 

Second leg (ESP): 2-1 Liverpool 

Aggregate: 5-2 Liverpool 

Reason: Liverpool will be hoping for a rematch of the 2018 final with Real Madrid, but they'll be disappointed to see their league frenemies meet them in Paris. Not that I want to see this, but I sense an all-English final once again this year.

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