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Gavi makes history by attempting two head tackles in one game

There are all sorts of stats and accolades that illustrate how talented Gavi is — the Golden Boy award, Spain's youngest goalscorer, the youngest World Cup scorer since Pelé — but he's a phenomenon best experienced live.

The sky might be falling on Barcelona (littered with fake cash featuring the word "MAFIA"), but Gavi's willing to take on that duel. "Lost cause" is not in the 18-year-old's lexicon. 

I don't have the official stat — I don't think Opta tracks this data — but I'm willing to bet that Gavi leads the planet in attempted face tackles this calendar year. The teenager got started against Sevilla on Feb. 5 by intercepting one with his head. 

On Sunday against Athletic Club, Gavi went postal in the xFT (expected face tackles) category. He's the first to reach 2.0 xFT in one game (and the youngest).

He almost took the ball off Dani García by transforming himself into a human torpedo, but the Athletic midfielder got rid while simultaneously kicking Pedri's face into the ground. Jogo Bonito.  

Then, after a nice piece of skill, Gavi tried to give Raúl García the business.   

We've got to enjoy Gavi while we can because this trademark skill might result in his head getting punted out of the Camp Nou.  

Outside of Gavi's new interpretation of playing the game, Barcelona beat Athletic 1-0 after the VAR awarded Raphinha's goal and took away Iñaki Williams' late equalizer. After the week we've had in LaLiga, it was always going to be controversial.

Barça have a nine-point lead over Real Madrid ahead of El Clásico next Sunday. 

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