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4K video of Pelé assisting Carlos Alberto at 1970 World Cup has people asking if Brazil were that good

One of the more iconic goals in World Cup history came during the final between Brazil and Italy in 1970. In the 86th minute Pelé assisted Carlos Alberto who lasered the ball into the bottom corner to put the cherry on top of a triumphant 4-1 victory.

As someone who wouldn’t be born until over two decades later, I had only ever seen this goal in shoddy quality on YouTube.

Something about the style of play 50 years ago combined with the old TV footage look makes the goal look natural. Seeing this goal in today’s high definition footage looks completely different.

A video has gone viral on Twitter of this goal in top-notch quality. 

Pelé assist to Carlos Alberto HD

It’s amazing to see this old footage in such good definition. The only problem is that people on the internet are the worst. The video has garnered over two million views, and it seems like everyone needs to voice their opinion.

The 1970 Brazil World Cup team is fondly remembered as one of the best in history. These young whippersnappers just can’t accept that the game looked different back in the day. You can still appreciate greatness from 50 years ago even if it wouldn’t stack up to today's levels of fitness and physicality.

If people really want to complain about old-school soccer, then I suggest they watch the 1958 World Cup Final where players would literally just catch the ball to stop play.

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