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Watch: Pitch-invading dog steals soccer ball and embarrasses security with body feints

Yes, another pitch-invading dog video that has made our day.

In a Liga Expansión MX (Mexican second-tier) match between Alebrijes de Oaxaca and Dorados de Sinaloa played in the Estadio Tecnológico last Wednesday, a dog that was apparently too eager to hear the final whistle stormed onto the pitch and won the hearts of the thousands in attendance with its amazing soccer skills.

With the game at the closing minutes, and Alebrijes taking a redundant 4-0 home win in the bag, the referee was forced to stop the game after a dog invaded the pitch in hopes of getting its paws on the ball.

But, this isn’t something out of the ordinary from all of the previous soccer pitch-invading dog videos you’ve covered, The18!,” you might say. 

Well, if you think this is like every other soccer dog video you’ve seen, you’re probably wrong.

After invading the pitch and momentarily stopping the game, the dog seized his opportunity of fame by chasing the loose ball, grabbing it and making over 10 security personnel and players chase him around the field — with “Ole’s” included. The sequence lasted a full minute. The league named him the MVP of the game.

He’s the newest fan-favorite in Oaxaca.

His skills on the field also reminded fans of other skilled dogs with a ball at their snout, saying he might be related to Mara-dog — the canine Diego Maradona.

I don’t know about you guys, but the pitch-invading Oaxaqueño dog is top three in our all-time list and he’s not three or two.

The dog’s name or the place it belongs to is yet to be revealed to the public with fans now asking the club to adopt or find the dog a home after his adorable performance.

Let’s hope Alebrijes seizes the opportunity of the dog’s last-minute cameo to bring it back to the stadium, adopt or potentially turn the dog into a team mascot. We would love to see it.

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