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Delirium And Despair: Watch The Moment U.S. Cities Found Out If They Were 2026 World Cup Hosts

Thursday was either a brilliant or brutal day for some U.S. soccer fans across the country as they learned if their city would be a host for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The 16 host cities were selected with six locations not getting chosen. Here were the reactions to cities learning they were going to be hosts or if they got snubbed.

The reactions from watch parties at cities learning they got the gig are full of excitement, but watching the cities learn they won’t get to host is just as interesting to watch.

U.S. Cites React To Hosting/Not Hosting 2026 World Cup

This list consists of cities that held watch parties and had videos posted from said watch parties. Let’s start out with the video that has been shared the most: Kansas City learning it will be a 2026 World Cup host.

Kansas City

The fans in KC jubilantly celebrated the news. Meanwhile those in its rival city Denver looked on in despair.


Nothing like Becky G breaking the news to shatter your heart into 1000 different pieces. Denver wasn’t the only city that held a watch party and didn’t win its bid. Here were the reactions from some other cities that didn’t get to be a host.

Washington D.C.



Let’s end this article on a high note and see some more happy reactions from fans.






New York/New Jersey

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