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Christen Press Shows Incredible Sportsmanship With Instagram Post On Her Birthday

While not quite as bad as 2020, 2021 was not exactly a great year. The Covid-19 pandemic still rages, providing daily disruptions to our lives, politics remained fucked as ever, preventing any real progress on issues of climate change or equity, and my favorite soccer teams all still suck. But an Instagram post featuring Christen Press and Tobin Heath may have just made the entire year worth it.

Press, who is currently on a footballing hiatus for her mental health, celebrated her 32nd birthday on Wednesday. The USWNT star did so by partaking in some snowshoeing with friend and teammate Tobin Heath. Heath is currently on winter break with Arsenal, whose next match is Jan. 9. 


While Press didn’t specify where she and Heath were, it’s likely they’re somewhere in Europe given the “3000m” copy. (FYI: 3,000 meters equates to just under 10,000 feet, which for you coastal dwellers is quite high in the mountains.) 

It’s just super to see two teammates get along so well off the pitch. Such great sportsmanship. 

That’s it. Nothing more to see here. This definitely isn’t confirmation of a certain long-held belief from within the women’s soccer community as predicted by The18’s Mariel McCown. This definitely isn’t proof of anything more than a wonderful friendship between two teammates. Just enjoy some sportsmanship as we ring in the New Year, one that definitely will not suck based on this post from Press.

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