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Well, This Is Embarrassing: TV Pundit Suggests A Dead Coach For The Colombian National Team

After a resounding failure in the CONMEBOL qualifiers, Colombia is looking for a new coach to lead them on the process road to the 2026 World Cup. The list of candidates to replace Reinaldo Rueda is long and includes names like Ricardo Gareca, Marcelo Bielsa, Jorge Jesus and Juan Carlos Osorio, among others. 

All of them are reasonable options, and all of them are alive, something we cannot say about Alejandro Sabella, the coach proposed on live TV by ex-player and pundit Julián Téllez. 

Julián Téllez proposes dead coach Alejandro Sabella for the Colombian National Team

The awkward moment occurred during an episode of "Saque Largo" on Win Sports when a panel was discussing some names for the job. It was there when Téllez suggested Sabella could have been a good fit for Colombia.

"He could be a possibility," he said.

In favor of Téllez, Sabella was indeed a great coach. He won titles with Estudiantes de La Plata — one national championship and one Copa Libertadores — and took Argentina to the 2014 World Cup final against Germany, among other achievements.

The problem? Sabella died after some heart-related issues on December 8, 2020. Almost two years ago.

After Téllez's comment, there was a dry silence in the studio, only interrupted by his workmate Carlos Alemán who broke him the news.

"Alejandro Sabella is not with us anymore," he said before changing the subject.

You don't need to be a genius to guess that Téllez was mercilessly roasted online, where he was criticized for not knowing about soccer and his lack of professionalism, among other things.

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