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These two pumpkins on a bike tried to rob a reporter covering Copa Libertadores final on live TV

A news crew from Teleamazonas Ecuador experienced a terrifying moment while covering the upcoming Copa Libertadores final between Flamengo and Athletico Paranaense.

Reporter Vanessa Robles was on live TV reporting outside of the Monumental Stadium in Guayaquil, the host city of Saturday's final, when two men on a motorcycle approached her and her team, attempting to steal phones, cameras and other electronic devices. 

Copa Libertadores final: Robbery attempt on live TV

Since it was live TV, the whole sequence was registered on camera and then went viral on social media. 

In the clip, you can see both thieves covering their faces in front of the camera while you can also hear Robles, understandably nervous, asking them, "Are you going to rob us on live TV? Do you think you should rob us on live TV?"

A few seconds later, the men, already flustered for being busted on live TV, are seen leaving the scene in a rush after noticing a cop on a bike passing by.

Robles also saw the police officer and started to yell at him, "Catch them, catch them, my friend; they wanted to rob us."

Hours later, Robles took to her Twitter account to tell us more about the incident, ending up with a worrisome reflection on Ecuadorian life.

"We felt what the common citizen feels every time they leave their houses and hear the sound of a motorcycle nearby. The nervousness, the fear. We need to feel safe," she said.

According to the national police, 84.2 percent of crimes perpetrated in Ecuador using a vehicle were committed on motorcycles in 2021.

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