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The 15 weirdest, most absurd Liga MX moments of the Clausura 2023

Time for a recap.

After 17 riveting matchweeks, the regular phase of the Clausura 2023 is over. Teams are now getting ready for the playoffs, but while we wait, we decided to look back and bring back the memories of an unforgettable tournament.

FYI, though, do not expect goals or new tactical theories coming from our fields. We are here to show moments that make Liga MX that imperfect tournament you adore. 

Weirdest Liga MX moments Clausura 2023

#15 "... a sailboat called freedom..."

One of the biggest problems of Pumas was receiving too many red cards throughout the campaign. Against Xolos, in matchweek 4, Arturo "Palermo" Ortiz was the man sent off, and people in Estadio Caliente – through the venue's speakers and the fans in the stands – gave him an epic goodbye, singing, "... y se marchó..." (and he left), a pivotal verse from the song "Un velero llamado libertad" (A sailboat called freedom).

Simply delicious!

#14 Beer celebrations

To be honest, the image of players drinking beer thrown by fans to the field is not new. However, it's good to see the tradition alive. And this year, those who carried the torch were Carlos Salcedo during an FC Juárez vs. Santos Laguna game and Alexis Vega in the Clásico Tapatío between Chivas and Atlas.

Cheers! And let's hope it was only beer.

#13 Jaziel Martínez subbing in vs. Puebla

Martínez played 13 games and got one assist for Atlas during the tournament. He did well, but it did not blow anybody's mind. Still, he left an unforgettable moment when he subbed in during a game vs. Puebla. He came to the pitch, ran to the center of the field and before he said, "pass me the ball," the ref ended the match.

@futbolilustrado Jaziel Martínez de #atlas entra para hacer historia... #ligamx ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box - takaya

Painful, right?

#12 Cata Domínguez's narco-themed birthday party

The Cruz Azul player organized a Warzone-themed party for his 12-year-old son. Several teammates went to the party and then the photos went online: in them a lot of kids appear with toy assault rifles and hats with the initials "JGL," which are the ones of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias El Chapo. Have you heard of him?

La Liga MX sanctioned Domínguez for making an apologia to the narco world.

#11 Cabecita Rodríguez calling Diego Lainez "cagón"

After a dreadful time in Europe, Diego Lainez returned to Liga MX and signed with Tigres in an attempt to relaunch his career. Sadly, the plan hasn't gone accordingly. Lainez was a ghost with zero goals and zero assists in 14 appearances. On top of that, América's Jonathan Rodríguez call him "cagón" (choker).

And maybe he is not wrong at all. 

#10 Bofo Bautista blowing a gigantic horn

Chivas started the season with a firework show and the iconic Bofo Bautista blowing a ginormous horn. They call it the birth of a new tradition. I don't know if they have done it again during the campaign, but whatever happened here, I think it was enough.

#9 Nahuel Guzmán fighting against Toluca mascot

In the Liga MX dictionary, a Nahuelada is a howler or a controversial action made by Nahuel Guzmán, Tigres' goalkeeper. The Argentine has always been a controversial character in the competition and, during this tournament, added a new chapter to his book: some sort of tense tête-à-tête with Diablito, Toluca's mascot.

The reason? The person inside the suit encouraged people to chant a song in which they compared the goalie with a sex worker in a strip club.

#8 Xolos and the worst corner kick ever

The team from Tijuana is bad. They are the only Liga MX club not making the playoffs since the instauration of the repechaje, which allow squads that end as far as 12th place – in a league of 18 – to have a chance for the title. 

I mean, they are so, so bad they produced the worst corner in soccer history. 

#7 Ronaldinho in da house 

Do you know Ronaldinho played in Liga MX? He didn't do it in a big team but in Querétaro. Weird. But even weirder is the fact the Brazilian came back as a guest for the reopening of the Estadio La Corregidora, which closed for one year after a brutal display of violence between local fans and Atlas supporters.

Yeah! Nothing says, "We regret the violence of the past" more than making a whole frigging party.

#6 Esteban Andrada's howler

We refrained from enlisting goals in this recap, but this one slipped through our strict controls because the fail that led América to bag this one was way too big to look away.

What was Andrada thinking? There is no doubt that's el osote del año.

#5 This Pumas corner kick defending vs. Santos Laguna

Rafa Puente's experiment in Pumas left fans with PTSD, but for neutrals, it also left some amusing moments. And nothing encapsulates this better than an image of a corner kick in which 5'6' José González and 5'2'' Edgar Alaffita were marking Santos Laguna defenders Felix Torres (6'2'') and Hugo Rodríguez (6').

#4 No goal fireworks!

A common practice in Liga MX stadiums is to launch fireworks every time the home team scores. It's nice, although sometimes VAR has ruined the pyrotechnics. 

However, a couple of times, Liga MX has given away some fireworks during plays in which the ball never crossed the goal line. It happened with a shot from Salvador Reyes saved by Hugo González and an attempt from Fernando Gorriarán that hit the post.


#3 Henry Martin doggy peeing celebration vs. Chivas

Clausura 2023 top scorer Henry Martín got a couple of controversial celebrations during the tournament. The most iconic? When he embodied a dog peeing over Chivas' goal in the last Clásico Nacional. The celebration, he said, was a tribute to old Cuauhtémoc Blanco, who performed it a few springs ago against Atlante. 

#2 Nico Larcamón doing his best Janet Jackson impression

América vs. León was probably the spiciest game of the tournament. And in the heat of the moment, coaches Fernando Ortiz and Nico Larcamón engaged in some physical melee. Ortiz accused Larcamón of insulting his dead mother and ripped Larcamón's shirt, exposing one of his nipples.

Both were sent off and promised punches to each other on their way to the dressing rooms. But those didn't materialize.

#1 A referee knees a player's balls

Yes! You read what you read. In the same América vs. León game, the referee Fernando Hernández, tired of players' complaints, hit Argentine Lucas Romero in between his legs with his left knee. 

Cameras caught the scene and Hernández is "enjoying" a 15-game ban.

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