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The Obvious Giveaways That You Might Be A Goalkeeper

Everyone knows that goalkeepers are a quirky bunch, heck you have to be a bit nuts to actually enjoy facing flying projectiles hit with excessive force. Being a keeper entails toeing the line between being eccentric and being flat-out crazy. Below are some of the strongest indications that you might be a goalkeeper.

Signs You Might Be A Goalkeeper...

You are very particular about the type of surface you play on

Everything Your Child Needs To Begin Playing Soccer Again

It has been almost four months since youth sports have been allowed to play. As most people have been trapped inside they may be suffering from quarantine brain. The world is beginning to open up and youth sports will be back soon, and you might have forgotten what your kids may need for soccer practice. So instead of forgetting your kids' cleats or shin guards when you arrive at the field, here’s a basic list of all practice necessities and different places to purchase new gear.

The Top Five Most Annoying Reasons Kids Are Late To Youth Soccer Practice

Youth soccer is slowly beginning to return in some areas of the U.S. With states having different guidelines to follow, the sport has begun to sprout after U.S. Club Soccer lifted its national suspension of activities in May. When the sport does return to your area be sure to have your kids on time to practice. If not, you may very well be on the list for the five most annoying reasons kids are late to youth soccer practice.

Aussie Legend Craig Moore Says A-League Desperately Needs Change Or Its Over

Broadcasters have not been getting "bang for their buck" from Australian soccer in recent years and creative solutions are urgently needed to revitalize the game, former Socceroos defender Craig Moore has told Reuters

Moore, who is spearheading the "Golden Generation" group pressing for change in Australian soccer, said COVID-19 had heaped more pressure on administrators already battling to reverse declines in ratings and crowds. 

How A Landmark Partnership Between MLS And U.S. Youth Soccer Hopes To Fix Soccer In America

The U.S. Soccer Federation shuttered its Development Academy in April, citing financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic as the excuse. This week, Major League Soccer has stepped in to fill the void left by the USSF by joining forces with US Youth Soccer.

MLS and US Youth Soccer announced a groundbreaking new partnership on Friday, one the two organizations hope will transform soccer in America for the better, for both boys and girls.

LA Galaxy Shuts Down Its Girls Academy Program

Some of the best years of your life and most cherished moments are the ones spent with the teammates who become your second family throughout the ups and downs that the game of football can throw at you.

There's nothing better than spending multiple days a week with a group of girls that share the same passion and love for the game as you. From the exciting moments of winning a state cup and national title to the tears being shed knowing your time will eventually come to an end, these are all a part of the club team experience.

The Sprinkler: A Youth Soccer Horror Story

There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up early knowing you’re playing in a youth soccer tournament that day. It’s my favorite feeling. The night before I tediously set out each piece of my uniform next to my bed so I would be ready right away. I loathe waking up in the morning for school, but for soccer I can hardly sleep and rise before the sun does.

After piling my soccer bag and ball into the car, I am oblivious to the fact that my parents are wasting an entire tank of gas to drive to a tournament for which my coach randomly decided to sign the team up.

Spain Allows Children Under 14 Outside And It’s All Fútbol

While Americans are still cooped up inside wondering when they'll be able to leave their homes and enjoy some fresh air, other countries are easing back into normalcy. 

This past weekend, Spain allowed children under the age of 14 to go outside and play for the first time in six weeks — with some restrictions of course. Children must be wearing masks and obeying social distancing rules, as well as being accompanied by one parent for one hour of play.  

US Club Soccer Could Return In May

A letter released on Monday from Kevin Payne, CEO/Executive Director of US Club Soccer, sets May 18 as the earliest possible return date of youth soccer in America. Obviously this date is subject to change as the coronavirus situation evolves, but it does give us an idea for when youth soccer will resume.

US Club Soccer also put out a tweet with a link to the letter on Monday afternoon.

U.S. Soccer Shutters Development Academy Due To COVID-19 Fallout

The U.S. Soccer Federation said on Wednesday it was shutting down its youth development academy permanently due to the financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

U.S. Soccer, the sport's governing body in the United States, said in a statement the decision to shutter the academy, which it founded in 2007 and included competitions across five age groups, was effective immediately.