Swedish Footballer Sent Off For Laying A Worse Fart Than Mexico

In the biggest story to come out of European football this summer, a Swedish defender was sent off while playing in a ninth-tier match for farting near the opposition striker. 

According to The Guardian, Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, the left-back for Jarna SK’s reserve team, was shown a second yellow card for “deliberate provocation” and “unsportsmanlike behavior” after farting in the general direction of opposition striker Kristoffer Linde.

Euro Violence Wouldn't Happen If The French Police Had Tanks, Says Russian FA Board Member

English fans and Russian fans keep fighting at Euro 2016, and that's a problem. But the Euro violence is not as much of a problem as one bloodthirsty Russian politician reportedly thinks.

Before the quote, a disclaimer: certainly, not all Russians. But, equally as certainly, some Russians. Like this one.

Iranian Footballer Receives Six-Month Ban For Sporting SpongeBob Trousers

There’s a famous SpongeBob SquarePants episode called “Idiot Box” where both SpongeBob and his best friend, Patrick Star, inhabit an empty cardboard box, allowing them to climb mountains, launch space shuttles and venture to “Robot-Pirate Island”, all with the power of their own imagination.

The Copa America Played Chile's National Anthem Instead Of Uruguay's Before The Mexico Game

Sunday evening, Mexico vs. Uruguay was about to kick off. The Arizona sun was gently lowering in the sky while the Uruguay National Anthem and the Mexico National Anthem were played and everyone sang and was focused on the moment, which was a moment great games are built upon.

They were focused, at least, until the Uruguay anthem was played. Because it wasn't the Uruguay National Anthem. It was the Chile National Anthem. 

An Outrageous Scorpion Kick Goal

Most amazing goals consist of incredible strikes from distance or a goalie scoring off of a corner kick to save the day, but this one is quite special. Thomas Luciano, a 14-year-old defender at club Gremio out of Brazil scored a goal for the ages off of a woodwork ricochet. After the ball came bounding off of the crossbar, quick thinking allowed Thomas to execute a perfectly time skorpion kick that put the ball over the keeper in a chaotic moment. This golazo is definitely worth a few good watchings!

Goalkeeper Pulls His Team from the Depths of Defeat with a Laser Dropkick

As the moments of desperation evolved, goalkeeper Jamie Butler scored an incredible full field laser to even the game at two goals a piece. Following a favorable skip from right outside the 18 yardbox, the ball found it's way into the upper left corner out of reach from the opposing goalie. Crazy moments like these are why we love the game!

These Fans Were Mad Their Team Got Relegated, So They Set The Stadium On Fire

You think Aston Villa fans were mad about their pitiful deam being relegated from the Premier League? They were little rays of sunshine compared to Eskisehirspor fans after the Turkish club got bounced from the Turkish first division.

After the last game of the season, which doubled as the last game ever in Eskisehir Ataturk Stadium (they had already planned to move to a different venue for next season) the fans let out their frustration on the club's now-former stadium.

Specifically, they set it on fire. Here's the video:

Ronaldo Is Not The Best Free Kick Taker Named Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo is a good free-kick taker, but Cristiano Ronaldo just might have met his match in Cristiano da Silva.

Da Silva, a Brazilian who plays for Kashiwa Reysol in the Japanese first division, scored a hat trick made up of filthy free kicks against Vegalta Sendai.

The first goal was from the spot Willian keep scoring from this year for Chelsea. Da Silva curled it to the near post and it bounced at the perfect spot to avoid the keeper.

Is Ronaldo Gay? The Nuttiest Rumor You'll Read This Week

Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to having his name in the tabloids. Being one of the greatest soccer players in the world, as well as being extremely attractive and rich, will do that for you. Your name will be everywhere for better or worse.

However, this recent claim tops them all.

No, we’re not talking about Ronaldo’s rumored move to Real Madrid’s bitter rivals, Barcelona.

Marauding Pack Of Ballboys Attacks Defenseless Goalkeeper

*David Attenborough voice*

"These young males tend to hunt in packs, due to their immaturity. Their small statures and quicckness would make them ideal for sneaking up on prey, if only they weren't so brightly colored. 

Their bright colors serve to attract potential mates, but also attract the scorn of older males. The older males want the young ones to stop bothering them, as the older ones are in the midst of a fierce competition to decide which group is the alfa. These types of competitions can become very heated, but the young ones, it seems, just want to play.