USMNT Makes Dumb Move Of Revealing Final WCQ Roster Exclusively On SportsCenter During March Madness

“When is the March USMNT roster coming out?” is the question fans have been asking for about a week now. The U.S. has its three final and biggest World Cup qualifying games to close out March.

Fans are eager to know who the American players will be that play Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica to try to qualify for Qatar this winter. In the past, the USMNT would release the roster via social media the week before the first game of a qualifying window. 

For the final window of qualifying the USMNT is doing things a bit different.

Watching A Champions League Game With Out Of Sync Audio Is My New Personal Hell, Benfica Defeats Ajax

Benfica pulled off a smash-and-grab victory in Amsterdam on Tuesday defeating a much better-looking Ajax side 1-0 to advance to the Champions League quarterfinals winning 3-2 on aggregate.

If you watched the game on Paramount+ then you also suffered an unbearable 90 minutes where the audio was about one second ahead of the video on screen. One second doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but it becomes very apparent while watching.

Bangkok FC Player Throws Elbow So Violent He Was Immediately Fired By His Club, Charged With Assault

In 2003, Ong Bak introduced Muay Thai to a Western audience like never before as Tony Jaa used elbows, knees and shins to attack his enemies with crushing blows in one of my personal favorite martial arts films of all time. In 2022, I was shocked to see Muay Thai being practiced on a soccer pitch in Thailand, a player throwing an elbow so incredibly violent he was immediately kicked off the club and later charged with assault. 

NYCFC Firmly Cements Itself As Walking Joke With Worst Championship Banner Reveal Ever

If you’re a fan of New York City FC you’ve had a rough past week trying to avoid being made fun. First, NYCFC held a “home” game in front of 1,000s of opposing fans. Now an embarrassing and flat out awful NYCFC championship banner reveal has all of Major League Soccer laughing at the club again.

I Still Can’t Tell If Bernardo Silva Is Absolutely Blitzed Or Genuinely Terrified In Funny Video With Fan

My sixth journalism sense is already tingling. I know someone in the comments will have the audacity to say, “wow, slow news day?” Yeah Brad from Arkansas, it was a slower day for me — it’s because I couldn’t stop thinking of a Bernardo Silva fan video from the other night.

The context of the Bernardo Silva fan video isn’t clear. For all we know this clip could be over a year old, but what I do know is that one fan found the Manchester City star during a night out and made the most of it.

World Record Set In England As Penalty Shootout Goes To The 27th Round

It's a record that you'd imagine can never be broken, but that's exactly what you would've thought about the previous mark. On Wednesday night in Sunderland, the world record for the longest penalty shootout ever was set when Washington and Bedlington Terriers went 27 rounds — taking 54 penalties total — after a 3-3 draw in the Ernest Armstrong Memorial Cup.

The previous longest shootout record was 48 attempts from the 2005 Namibian Cup, won 17-16 by KK Palace over Civics. So they missed 15 attempts in that match. 

Inter Milan Had Liverpool On The Ropes, But Then Alexis Sánchez Ruined All Our Fun

There's the scoreline and then there's reality. 

After Liverpool's 2-0 first leg victory at the San Siro back on Feb. 16, the refrain you constantly heard in the buildup and throughout the opening hour at Anfield on Tuesday was that Inter was still precariously alive in this one — just get the first goal and Anfield would be theirs for the taking!

Liga MX Suspends Querétaro Matches After Brawl Injures 26 People

MEXICO CITY - Mexico's soccer league on Sunday said it would suspend upcoming matches at a stadium in the central city of Querétaro where violent clashes left two dozen people injured and restrict visiting fans from attending away games.

The brutal attacks among spectators during the Querétaro-Atlas match on Saturday sent 26 people, mostly men, to hospital with three people in critical condition.