Two Players Combust Into Hellfire After Achieving A Disgraceful Double Flop

One of the major developments in the world of football over the past week has been the deployment of the “green card” in Italy’s Serie B to reward players for acts of virtue, including admitting to having taken a dive in order to win a penalty or free kick.

Soccer Coach Fired After Wearing Clown Mask To Practice

We were all freaked out after hearing about people dressing up as clowns in their neighborhoods. Then, everyone’s worst nightmare got ten times worse after the news broke about clowns kidnapping children and bringing them into the woods. Halloween might be around the corner, but people are still strongly against clowns and the latest “creepy clown craze.” Let's hope that everyone avoids the clown costumes for this year's upcoming holiday…

James Rodriguez Is Getting Death Threats After Injury Prevents Him From Playing In WCQs

James Rodriguez has been the subject of death threats on Twitter as revealed by his mother. The Colombian international received a photo of a box filled with ammunition and a gun while a couple of other weapons are also visible in frame. 

“Do you want to see how James would look dead?” said the message from the anonymous user. “I’m coming to your house now, say goodbye to all your loves ones.”

They Told A Female Ref To "Stay In The Kitchen". Their Punishment Fit Perfectly

Sparta Prague found themselves in the headlines for all the wrong reasons last weekend. Following a match between Sparta and Zbrojovka Brno, a match Sparta lost in acrimonious circumstances, two players for the Prague based club responded by making sexist comments towards assistant referee Lucie Ratajova.

A Boys' High School Soccer Team Refused to Play Because Their Opponent Fielded Two Girls

On Friday, Arizona high school Faith Christian refused to play Foothills Academy College Prep unless Foothills agreed to bench female players Alyssa and Colette Hocking. 

The Hocking sisters play on the boys' team because Foothills lacks enough players for a girls' team. 

From the Arizona Republic: