5 Times Footballers Have Disgraced Themselves On Twitter

As has been said on many occasions, football is a beautiful game. With it, we laugh, we cry and we sometimes throw things at our television screens, but that doesn't diminish our passion. 

What might accomplish that, however, is the constant need for social media to single-handedly try and shatter the illusion that surrounds these overpaid heroes we watch week in and week out.

Rwanda FA Bans Witchcraft After Strange Mid-Game Ritual Yields Goal

A surreal occurrence in the Rwandan Premier League has led to a ban of all witchcraft by the country’s football association. While the following was one of a number of incidents which preceded the ban, none are more bizarre than what happened in a Rwandan Premier League match between Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports.

With Rayon Sports losing 1-0, one of their players, Moussa Camara, was captured on film appearing to place a small object against his opponent's goalpost. 

China’s Next Big Target Would Redefine Spending In Football

News of Carlos Tevez perhaps becoming the highest paid footballer on the planet by earning nearly $40 million with Shanghai Shenhua ($1.25 per second) was unfathomable. That kind of total, when dissected and attempted to be understood, is like standing on the beach and trying to fathom all the individual grains of sand or staring up at the night sky and quantifying your place in the universe. 

The English FA Has Some Very Bad Ideas For Bringing Girls Into Soccer

The FA, in its infinite wisdom, has decided there needs to be more girls playing the beautiful game in England. This in and of itself is a reasonable thing to want. Gender equality is good and the FA should want that. 

What is not reasonable or good is the document they made full of suggestions on how to get more females playing soccer.

Specifically, these suggestions were clearly not written by women, or girls, or anyone who has ever met a woman or girl.

You’re Fired! Football’s 10 Worst Managerial Sackings

Football is a harsh business, particularly so for managers. Sometimes, simply winning matches isn’t enough to placate fickle supporters and owners. With exorbitant amounts of money being pumped into the game, the business of hiring and firing managers is a particularly trigger-happy one. 

With clubs only a loss away from entering crisis mode, the decisions made are occasionally downright stupid. In modern football, at the risk of sounding old, the men in charge aren't given enough time to succeed.

Here are 10 managerial sackings that history will not look kindly upon.

Nile Ranger Is In Trouble Again

Every year, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales issues a plea to the website's users to donate to the nonprofit, ensuring that it maintains its independence, remains ad free and continues to perform optimally. However, according to The Washington Post, the nonprofits’s appeals have been so effective over the years that the website has tens of millions of dollars sitting in reserve. 

Watching This Ref Hand Out 5 Cards In 12 Seconds Will Make You Power Hungry

Saturday’s match between Bundesliga leaders RB Leipzig and relegation-threatened FC Ingolstadt was remarkable in that the team at the bottom pulled off a highly improbable 1-0 upset. 

What was exceedingly exceptional was what transpired in second half stoppage time. Referee Markus Schmidt, who’d apparently just put down Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince before running out to officiate this match, showed that it is indeed safer to be feared than loved.

18-Year-Old Referee Brutally Attacked In Spain

18-year-old referee Fahd Abbou El Mourabit was punched and knocked unconscious while refereeing a match in Zaragoza, Spain. According to Australian television network SBS, the match was between Miralbueno and San Juan in the regional first division.

After awarding a second penalty against Miralbueno in the game’s opening 28 minutes, El Mourabit was brutally attacked by a player and punched multiple times.

Preston Teammates Sent Off After Fighting Each Other In One-Goal Loss

It simply doesn’t get any more embarrassing or unprofessional than this. Trailing Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 in the English Championship on Saturday, Preston had both their strikers sent off in the final minutes after nearly coming to blows and being separated by teammates.

Eoin Doyle had halved the Preston deficit in the 82nd minute, but he and strike partner Jermaine Beckford were subsequently shown straight reds for violent conduct in the 90th minute. 

Polish Side Unleash A Free Kick Routine To Rule Them All

When I was a young lad my youth soccer team had a throw-in routine that we labelled “Pikachu”, much to the embarrassment of our coach. The player taking the throw-in would gleefully scream out the play over and over, and we’d get giddy as all hell at the opportunity to execute. Standing in a well-organized line four or five deep, the players towards the front would peel off laterally while the player at the very back of the queue would steam forward to collect the throw-in.