Portsmouth Supporters’ Hilarious Chant Is Proof American Fans Will Never Be Equal To British Fans

A video of English soccer fans chanting during a League One match has gone viral. Portsmouth fans didn’t have much to cheer about as they watched their side fall 4-0 to Ipswich Town on Tuesday. The Portsmouth fans’ chant during the game was clearly the highlight of the match.

To brighten the mood, the Portsmouth fans kept vocal note on if their team had the ball or if they lost the ball. Add a drum and a couple hundred English voices and you have yourself a legendary video.

Steward Gloriously Takes Sizzling Penalty Kick Miss To The Face And Still Manages To Celebrate With Fans

You haven’t played ball growing up if you never took a ball to the face on a cold day. The stinging sensation that engulf your cheeks and nose is a feeling a steward in England felt Tuesday night when he took a penalty kick directly to the face. 

Steward Hit In The Face Penalty Kick

Sorry Everyone, But This Unreal Erling Haaland 3-Ball Stack Video Is As Advertised: Not Real

The internet is divided right now over an incredible video of Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland stacking three balls on top of each other and then proceeding to shoot each one into the upper 90 of a goal. Is the Erling Haaland video real though?

I hate to be that guy, but this video probably isn’t real.

Before we debate, let’s watch the video.

El Juego Del Calamar Y Las Hostilidades Que Vive México En Su Visita A El Salvador

Para México hay pocos lugares más hostiles que el Estadio Cuscatlán. Cada visita a El Salvador es básicamente un desfile de odio hacia el Tri. Y esta semana, en la previa de un nuevo duelo eliminatorio, no hay lugar para excepciones.

Sunday League Bicycle Kick Is So Good That It Spreads Contagious Joy

Not all overhead kicks are created equal. The greatest differentiator has to be that moment of posterization — when the foot meets football at its absolute zenith and the body’s parallelism with the ground seems to foreshadow certain death. 

On one end of the scale there's the footballer who’s simply throwing their leg at the chance and falling over. The result is still a great goal, but the lasting effect isn’t much more powerful than watching a somersault. 

Chicharito Prefirió Jugar Call Of Duty WarZone En Vez De Ver El Partido Entre México Y Canadá

Hora de reabrir las heridas entre Javier Hernández y la selección mexicana, capítulo 13.154. ¿A qué no saben qué hacía Chicharito a la misma hora que México y Canadá jugaban en el Azteca por las clasificatorias a Catar 2022?

Bueno, no estaba mirando el partido. O lo hacía sin poner mucha atención, ya que toda su energía estaba en una partida de Call of Duty WarZone que él mismo transmitió a través de su canal en Twitch.

Seguramente varios están reprobando la acción de Hernández, pero para ellos dos cosas:

When Big Sean Said “Built A House On That Ass, That’s An Ass-State” He Was Talking About Hulk

Brazilian soccer star Hulk has certainly made some interesting decisions in his career, on and off the field. Leaving Europe to play five seasons in China and marrying his niece are prime examples. One thing the 35-year-old is clearly doing right is leg day at the gym.

Hulk plays with Atlético Mineiro in Brazil and went semi-viral Wednesday night for being the owner of the largest gluteus maximus in all of soccer. Atlético’s kit helped a little bit, but all credit to Hulk for never skipping leg day a single time in his life.

Jugador Brasileño Enfrenta Cargos Por Tentativa De Homicidio, Luego De Brutal Agresión A Un Árbitro

En muchas ocasiones, ser árbitro puede convertirse en una experiencia muy poco grata. Es un trabajo de alta presión y que recibe crítica constante y en tiempo real. Desde los aficionados en las tribunas, los comentaristas en sus casetas de transmisión y también los propios jugadores.

Townsend Hitting Ronaldo’s SIUUU Celebration At Old Trafford Is The Sort Of Cheekiness We Love

Manchester United and Everton shared the points at Old Trafford on Saturday after drawing 1-1. The moment everyone is talking about is the Andros Townsend SIUUU celebration after the Everton forward leveled the game at 1-1.

The goal came off a fantastic Toffee counterattack that featured Fred getting bullied, a sublime finish and some Townsend shithousery. The celebration that followed was perfect.

Después De Ver A Messi Acostado En La Barrera, Exploramos La Historia Del Cocodrilo

Además de convertir su primer gol con la camiseta del PSG, Lionel Messi también protagonizó una de las escenas más curiosas de la segunda semana de la Champions League 2021/22, acostándose en el piso, detrás de una barrera de su equipo para hacer el ya célebre cocodrilo.