Kyoto Sanga Scored The Best Collective Goal Of The Season — An Ode To Tiki-Taka

Last weekend, the Japanese club Kyoto Sanga scored one of the most sensational collective goals of the season, and it didn't make a bleep in the Western Hemisphere. Today we are not here to talk about the systemic reasons behind this omission but to make justice and show this side of the world the beauty of this sensational golazo.

¡Abran Paso! Que Viene El LamborJimmy Del Necaxa

Poco a poco, Jaime Lozano comienza a imprimir su visión de juego en el Necaxa. Los Rayos juegan bien y después de dos victorias consecutivas, incluida una sobre Tigres – ahora ex líder de la competencia –, algunos fans han comenzado a llamar al equipo el LamborJimmy.

Padres Star Fernando Tatis Jr. Shows The World Why He’s Not A Pro Soccer Player With Epic Wipeout

U.S. soccer fans often bring up the argument of “imagine how good the USMNT would be if all the best athletes played soccer instead of other sports.” Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. isn’t American, but he is a hell of an athlete, but he demonstrated that it might not translate to soccer. A Fernando Tatis Jr. soccer clip has gone viral, but not for the right reasons.

This is a wipeout and a half right here.

Con Laptop En Mano, Miguel Herrera Le Hace VAR Al VAR Tras Derrota De Tigres

Necaxa dio uno de los grandes golpes de la Jornada 15 de la Liga MX al derribar a Tigres, uno de los líderes del torneo, en el Estadio Victoria.

El triunfo 2-0 de los Rayos, como uno podrá imaginar, no tenía muy contento al DT felino, Miguel Herrera, quien ventiló todas sus frustraciones en la conferencia de prensa. El enojo particular del Piojo se centró en el primer gol del Necaxa, el cual – según él – debió ser anulado por el VAR ante una supuesta posición fuera de juego del delantero hidrocálido Rodrigo Aguirre.

The Best World Cup Jerseys Through The Years

The World Cup began in 1930 and we've gotten some great international kits since the competition began.

Here is a list of some of our favorite.

Did yours make the list? Who do you think has the best international kit?

Most Hated Players | The18's Halftime Countdown

Welcome The18's Halftime Countdown of the Best Goals Ever Scored! 

9. Kurt Zouma

Breaking into this list for the first time ever, Kurt Zouma. Man, you drop kicked your cat, that’s not cool. 

8. Sexual Assaulters

Okay for number 8 on our list (honestly should be number one) are Adam Johnson, Benjamin Mendy, Mason Greenwood, Robinho, and everyone else who fits this category.

Goal From U.S. Major Arena Soccer League Is So Good You’ll Feel Compelled To Share It With 5 Friends

You might not have heard of the Major Arena Soccer League or even known that the U.S. had a professional indoor soccer league, but you absolutely must see this fantastic goal. Benji Monreal of the Kansas City Comets will remember this insane goal for the rest of his life.

Messi Will Have The Word GOAT On His Sleeve Next Season, Whether You Like It Or Not

We all know how heated the debate about Lionel Messi being the GOAT gets. And that hot-headed discussion will probably be rekindled again after a new sponsorship agreement announced by PSG.

The French team will partner with sneakers marketplace GOAT for the next three years — in a deal worth $55 million — allowing them to stamp their logo on the sleeve of PSG's 2022-23 jersey. 

In other words, Messi, the GOAT for many, soon will carry the word GOAT on his left arm. 

If he stays at PSG, of course.

“I’m Not Dissing Harry Maguire” Alphonso Davies Says As He Disses The Hell Out Of United’s Captain

Canada and Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies is learning how one simple comment can create a media whirlwind. I hate to add onto the storm, but as someone who writes about soccer, I must answer the question people might be asking. That question being: what did Alphonso Davies say about Harry Maguire?

Maguire has had a season to forget with Manchester United. His games have been strewn with mistakes, errors and opponents scoring goals. United’s captain and head of defense has received hefty criticism and has almost become public enemy No. 1 for United fans.

A Player On Ecuador’s Barcelona Scored Such A Sneaky Olimpico You Would Think It’s Spain’s Barcelona

An olimpico goal — one scored directly from a corner kick — is always a sight to behold. Damián “Kitu” Díaz of Ecuador’s Barcelona SC scored one of the most unique olimpicos ever seen on Thursday in the Copa Sudamericana when he caught the Montevideo Wanderers’ goalkeeper out of his goal during the corner kick.

Díaz spotted the goalkeeper standing six yards away from his goal and had the audacity to curl the ball into the goal while the goalkeeper wasn’t looking. Brilliant.