The Face-Save Is The Newest Trend In Soccer

Soccer, like all sports, is a game of unpredictability. No two situations are alike, and players must constantly be willing to adapt in order to succeed. This season, the pinnacle of this adaptation is the face-save by the most trend-forward goal keepers across the globe. 

What Record Will Messi Break Next?

It was only a matter of time. Leo Messi needed 10 more goals at the start of the season to break Telmo Zarra’s all-time La Liga scoring record and, 12 games into the campaign, the legendary Argentine broke the record in typical Messi fashion. La Pulga netted his 20th La Liga hat-trick in Barcelona’s 5-1 victory over Sevilla, giving him 253 career La Liga goals. Check out the video Barcelona made congratulating Messi on his achievement:


9-Year-Old Applies To Be A Professional Manager, Gets A Big Surprise

Nine-year-old Thomas Fielding wrote a letter applying for the position of Bolton Wanderers manager. Then, the guy they hired instead showed up at one of Fielding's U-10 practices.

Striker Whiffs Completely, Then Scores The Goal Of His Life

Let this player be an example for us all. No matter how greatly you have embarrassed yourself this past week, no matter how catastrophic a failure yours might have been, you can still make today the greatest thing to ever happen to you.                                                     

Ivory Coast Passes The Ball Around Uncontested For Three Minutes, Then Fans Invade Pitch

71 passes. All uncontested. That’s what the Ivory Coast accomplished against Cameroon in the final three minutes of their Africa Cup of Nations qualification match. 

This Video Combines Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane And Others To Create The Perfect Player

What if you could take the best players in the world and choose the best parts of their game to bring together?

Would this "super player" finish like Messi? Dribble like Ronaldinho? Pass like Xavi?

As soccer fans, this is one of those questions that can fuel countless hours of discussion between games of FIFA, or until the wee hours of the night at our local sports bar. 

Meet The Hilarious Relatives Of Arsenal Players

We don’t have any biases here at The18, but Arsenal could force us to reconsider. The London-based club constantly releases hilarious videos with the help from their sponsors and players, which always leave us in stitches.  

This Team Discovered The One Secret To Convert Every Penalty Kick

A penalty kick is one of the most stressful situations a soccer player can be in. There is immense pressure to convert because the odds are stacked so thoroughly in the taker’s favor, and this pressure, unsurprisingly, leads to more than its fair share of misses. 

But what if it was possible to guarantee a conversion every time a player steps up to the spot? Where would the pressure be then?

Case in point: Jeonbuk Motors of South Korea’s K-League          

This Kid Might Be The Best Freestyler In the World. And He’s Only 16.

On Sunday, November 16, unbeknownst to most of the general public, Red Bull crowned the World Street Style Champion. While Andrew Henderson of the U.K.

Neymar Juggles...Without Clothes

Ah the life of a universal soccer star. Here we have Brazilian and Barcelona star Neymar playing a quick game of keepy uppy in his nothing but his underwear. 

The massive pool and sweet ping pong table wasn’t enough to keep Neymar busy, so the Selecao captain probably decided to shoot a quick video showing off his juggling skills and trick shot into a basketball hoop. And he might as well do it in his underwear, because Neymar can pretty much do whatever he wants.