The Top Soccer Moments Of 2014

Did you live under a rock this year? Or perhaps you were banished to an island with no Internet. Or maybe you just didn’t have time to pay enough attention to soccer this year. Whatever the case, thanks to WeTalkFootball, we bring you this video that highlights everything you missed in soccer during the 2014 calendar year. And, because we like you, we also provide a breakdown of the top moments in the video by time code in case you want to skip around (the video is 16 minutes long).

Who's Been Naughty And Who's Been Nice? A 2014 Christmas Countdown.

With Christmas just around the corner and Santa putting his final touches on his naughty and nice list, we here at The18 thought we’d put together our own list of soccer’s naughtiest and nicest personas of 2014. 


Luis Suarez

Parents Dressed In Tribal Garb Embarrass Star Player

As children growing up, who didn't think, “Do our parents deliberately try to embarrass us?” Or, perhaps infinitely more importantly, “Is there some sort of unspoken competition between the parents of the world to see who can embarrass their children the most thoroughly?”

Well, if that damnable league does exist, we would like to introduce you to its perennial champions: Mr. and Mrs. Sisto.

Is A Goalkeeper On Liverpool’s Christmas Wish List?

With an horrifically busy schedule of three hours training a day, and just six shopping days to go until Christmas, professional footballers’ personal assistants are, as we speak, desperately loading up Maybachs with designer velour tracksuits, Jeroboams of Cristal and any other tat expensive enough to justify the effort. So without further ado, welcome to the Game Day 17 Premier League preview.

Will Liverpool Waste Yet More Money On A Goalkeeper This Winter?

“We play with 11 men, other teams play with 10 men and a goalkeeper.” – Brendan Rodgers.

Player Thumbs Opponent Where The Sun Don't Shine

A wise old sage once quipped that football is a gentleman’s game played by thugs, and The18 would certainly concur. We’ve witnessed some pretty atrocious behaviour on a football field in our time: Eric Cantona Kung-Fu kicking a supporter, for example, or “teammates” Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer fighting mid-match. Or Diana Ross…

Arsene Wenger Sings Disney Classic Let It Go, Silences Haters, Wins Grammy

OK, Arsene Wenger has seen a veritable avalanche of fan backlash this season. After year-after-year of 4th place finishes, Gooners everywhere were hoping that this season would be the first since Theirry Henry graced the side that Arsenal would string together an entire campaign of consistency. No more half seasons of mediocrity followed by title winning form. No more star players forcing their way out to Barcelona or Manchester United. No more.

Neymar Sr Can Juggle Too

It’s all in the genes. Neymar Jr took an Instagram video of his father, Neymar Sr, playing keepy up while he is sitting down. 

For us not very talented soccer players, you know keeping a solid juggle going for a while is difficult. But have you tried it sitting down? Well, Neymar Sr has no problem at all managing that task. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. His son has scored 14 goals in 18 games this year for La Liga side Barcelona and scored 15 goals in 13 games for Brazil in 2014. 

Pele And Coutinho May Be Legends. But They Stink At FIFA.

A persons FIFA skills can be a sensitive topic. Most people believe that they are untouchable when gaming on "the sticks." And most FIFA gamers can vouch that there has been a time where a game of FIFA not only resulted in an argument, but a full fledged bitterness towards the person you’re playing. Or even a broken TV.

Neymar Goes For A Ride With World Champion Rally Driver

Being a professional athlete allows you to do some pretty awesome things. Red Bull athlete  and Barcelona superstar Neymar got the opportunity to co-pilot a rally car around the hill of Montserrat in Barcelona with World Rally Champion Sébastien Ogier.