The Best Baby Footballers In The World Star In This Commercial

Ok, so we'll admit, for the first few seconds of this video our jaws nearly hit the floor. The effects are good enough that for a moment we thought we were laying eyes on the next Messi, Neymar, Zlatan, Bale, [insert other world famous footballer here].

It then dawned on us that we'd been had by a clever, and not even new, commercial from Canon Canada that someone just re-posted to Vine. Instead of feeling had, however, we simply watched it a couple times more and enjoyed it for what it is: a great fake, kind of like the talking E-Trade baby but not nearly as creepy.

Giroud or Zidane: Whose Headbutt Was Better?

In a moment reminiscent of Zinedine Zidane's epic headbutt against Italy in the 2006 World Cup final, Arsenal's Olivier Giroud headbutted QPR's Nedum Onuoha on Boxing Day. So whose was better?

Alexis Sanchez: Comedian Of The Premier League

Alexis Sanchez has adapted incredibly quickly to the Premier League this season, scoring 10 goals and recording 6 assists in all competitions. Both of those numbers are the highest in the squad, but that is not all that Alexis leads the team in. 

Sanchez is, without a doubt, the most entertaining Arsenal player to watch. He is charismatic on the pitch, gesticulating to teammates, opponents and referees alike, and once he gets the ball at his feet he manipulates it as if it were another tongue with which he speaks. 

Neymar Scores Tornado Twist Goal In Charity Match

Neymar doesn’t get to execute his usual flair while playing for FC Barcelona in La Liga. But, in a Brazilian charity match, the former Santos star has more chances to reach into his bag of tricks. 

Last week, Neymar showed off his skills to fellow Brazilians after he embarrassed a defender before scoring a goal from a “tornado twist.” We do want to point out that the defender marking Neymar clearly looks out of shape and stood no chance against the world class footballer, but that’s besides the point. 

Watch Every Goal From The Man Outscoring Messi

Alexandre Lacazette is having a breakout year for Olympique Lyon in Ligue 1, the French first division. He has scored 17 goals in all competitions, far and away the most in Ligue 1, and two more than the walking legend that is Lionel Messi.

According to, Lacazete is the fourth highest-rated player in the world this season, and after watching this video, you will understand why.

Santa Neymar Wishes You A Merry Christmas

2014 was a tough year for Barcelona. They went trophyless, which is shocking by their standards and given the talent they have. They finished second behind Atletico Madrid in La Liga, got beaten by Los Colchoneros in the quarterfinals of Champions League and finished second to Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

Napoli Releases Another Weird Video For Their Calendar

Napoli is really amped about their 2015 calendar coming out. Earlier this month we posted a teaser video they put together that was, all in all, pretty weird. Gonzalo Higuain had his hands tied and was doing something with a boat, while manager Rafael Benítez was acting like a legionnaire. Entertaining, but weird. 

Well now just in time for the holidays, Napoli released another awesome video that takes us behind the scenes of the photo shoot even further.

100 Years Ago, Christmas And Soccer Stopped WWI

On the Eve of Christmas in 1914, an unofficial ceasefire went out across the western front of World War I. Across nearly 400 miles of trenches, men from opposing sides decided to stop fighting, choosing instead to socialize with the very men they would soon again have to try to conquer and, perhaps, kill. They bartered, shared stories, and played football. In honor of the games that they played 100 years ago, UEFA has made a commemoratory video.  

Christmas Jokes So Bad They Are Hilarious, As Told By Everton Players

What do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party? F-reeze a jolly good fellow! 

This is just one of the horrendous, yet funny jokes that the Everton football club told one another for the Christmas video below. One person who clearly was having a good time was Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian was cracking up for majority of the video, even if he didn’t understand the jokes, while teammate Ross Barkely pretty much hated being there the whole time. We’ll give Ross a pass considering he scored this screamer recently.