Meet The Croatian Goal Machine Outscoring Neymar and Suarez Combined

Andrej Kramaric has 21 league goals in only 18 appearances, and he just turned down AC Milan and Chelsea to join Leicester City's Premier League relegation struggle. Why? Because he loves to play. And score.

Amazing 10-Year-Old Can Juggle Literally Anything...With His Feet

This kid can do keepie-uppies with Rubik's Cubes, toy cars, paper towels and even DVDs. Don't act like you're not impressed.

Sideline Ref Falls Over, Still Makes Right Call

Serie A sure knows how to train their referees. Some how, this linesmen makes the correct offside call after tripping over himself.

In Search Of A Striker, Liverpool Turn To Teenager On 19 Hour Goal Drought

Belgian international Divock Origi hasn't scored a goal since the start of October. Is this really what Brendan Rodgers needs right now?

Pep Guardiola Loves His Players. And Tells Them Just How Much During This Drill.

Pep Graudiola showed his compassionate side at a recent Bayern Munich training session. His sweaty, yelling, overzealous compassionate side.

Team Scores In Under 10 Seconds

Cordoba almost set the record for fastest goal in La Liga history when it scored against Eibar.