David Moyes Banned French Fries While At Manchester United

David Moyes has revealed that one reason people at Manchester United were unhappy with him: He stopped letting them eat french fries on Fridays, as Sir Alex Ferguson had.

After A Dooming Loss, These Players Did Something Totally Amazing

Borussia Dortmund lost to Augsburg today, and in the aftermath Roman Weidenfeller and Matts Hummels approached their distraught fans and tried to console them.

You Have Seen Fans Prank Clubs Before. But Not Like This.

Supporters of the Polish club Zawisza Bydgoszcz broke into the team's stadium and left something that is, frankly, a little terrifying for every player.

It Shouldn’t Get Worse Than One Player Punching Another. It Did For South Korea.

3 punches to the face. 2 red cards. 1 flying kick to the chest. Uzbekistan may have actually killed a player for crying’ out loud.

Italian Legend Mocks Cristiano Ronaldo

Francesco Totti is arguably the greatest living Italian soccer player, and he just made fun of Cristiano Ronaldo’s proudest moment.

Karim Benzema Scores Howitzer, Ray Hudson Goes Cuckoo Cocoa-Puffs

In this installment of the most energetic soccer commentator on the planet, Ray Hudson loses his damn mind when Benzema scores for Real Madrid.

Neymar Is Attracting Haters

Atletico Madrid midfielder Cani was not amused with Neymar’s display against his team. That’s too bad, because he really couldn’t do much about it.