Balotelli Takes Ball From Team Captain, Scores Winner, Gets Criticized

Mario Balotelli took the ball from designated penalty taker and team captain Jordan Henderson to win the game Thursday.

The Greatest Player To Never Win A Single God-Damn Thing

Matt Le Tissier scored 100 Premier League goals for Southampton from midfield, converted 47 of the 48 penalties he took and is one of Xavi's idols. Yet in 16 years as a professional footballer he never won a single piece of silverware.

David Luiz Does Not Care For The Placement Of Ref's Vanishing Spray. So He Moves It.

PSG were awarded a foul, and David Luiz wiped the vanishing spray off the turf so Zlatan could move the ball.

Fan Gets Busted Trying To Smuggle 20+ Beers Into A Match

This Turkish fan tried to be the hero for his entire group of friends, but he never made it 5 feet past the entrance.

Zlatan Tattoos 50 Names On His Body To Fight World Hunger

Zlatan was shown a yellow for showing off his new (temporary) tattoos during PSG's match, but a video released today by the World Food Programme explains why it was worth it.

New Video Shows CR7 Get Down & Dirty

Cristiano Ronaldo may be the most lethal on the pitch, but he has plenty of work to do on the dance floor.