Argentinian Nobody Scores The Goal That Gareth Bale Could Not

Pablo Barrientos saw Gareth Bale's shot from midfield that went off the post and thought, “I could have done that.” And so he did.

Is This NFL Punter's 124 mph Shot The Fastest Ever?

Indianapolis Colts Punter Pat McAfee supposedly kicked a soccer ball 124 miles per hour, but that wasn't the fastest shot ever.

Tigres Manager Hilariously Hides Behind Seat When Sent Off

Like a plotting criminal mastermind staking out his next heist, Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti refused to be denied the opportunity to watch his team play.

Manager Subs Himself On, Scores Goal, Saves Penalty, Runs Off With Wife Of Opponent.

With his team down 2-1, Grays Athletic manager Mark Bentley took matters into his own hands. And it's a good thing he did.

Chelsea Fan Tries His Wrestling Moves On a Girl In a Swimming Pool

YouTuber and diehard Chelsea fan Joe Weller likes wearing blue shirts, but his lady friend does not. And that's a problem.

Premier League Players Try Ice Hockey And Fail Miserably

Southampton F.C. tired to inspire some good old team bonding at the local ice hockey rink. It’s tough to tell if it worked, but people are definitely falling down everywhere.

Chelsea Player Injures Himself Celebrating Win In Which He Did Not Play

Nemanja Matic just wanted to celebrate with the boys, and the soccer gods duly punished him for his insolence.

Van Gaal Cannot Imagine What Happens In This Video

Louis van Gaal has said he cannot imagine that Johnny Evans spit at Papiss Cisse. Well Louis, that’s too bad, because the incident was caught on tape.