Amazing: Israeli Soldiers & Palestinian Children Playing Soccer

The ball is mightier than the AK-47 in this surreal clip showing Israeli Defense Forces soldiers playing soccer with Palestinian children.

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The Best Passer In The World Does Not Even Have To Touch The Ball

Xavi Hernandez is the best passer on the planet. He has now reached some sort of plane of enlightenment where he no longer has to touch the ball in order to pass the ball, perfectly.

Steven Gerrard And Jamie Carragher Pick Sides For Stevie G Charity Match

Legends will gather in Anfield on March 29th for Steven Gerrard's send-off. Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are serving as the captains, and they've picked their squads.

Russian Soccer Coach Kicks Small Child A Foot In The Air

Russians do a lot of things differently than other countries, and it looks like that applies to their coaching as well.

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Knocked Out: Keeper Takes One For The Team

Goal keepers put it all on the line to make sure the ball doesn’t go in the back of the net. However, it seems this time Lukas Kruse had little say in the matter.

Keeper Pretends To Get Knocked Unconscious To Avoid A Red Card

Barcelona SC goalie Maximo Banguera fouled an Atletico Nacional player. Knowing a red card was coming, he pretended he was asleep.