The Biggest Flops Of The Premier League Season

As the 2015-16 Premier League season draws to a close, it’s time to honor and award those whose performances have captivated us over the course of the last nine months. It’s also a great time to shame those whose performances call into question the morality behind million dollar contracts and the myth of the sporting superhuman. These are the players whose performances will stick with us for all the wrong reasons; the biggest underachievers and flops of the 2015-16 Premier League season. 

Tim Howard Had A Year To Forget. Xherdan Shaqiri’s Wonder Strike Made That Impossible

Let’s get this out of the way: there was absolutely nothing Tim Howard could do about this second goal from Stoke City’s Xherdan Shaqiri on Monday. The ball over the top is sublime and Shaqiri’s first touch is even more sensational, lobbing the ball over Howard and into the top corner with zero hesitancy.

American Defender DeAndre Yedlin Will Grow In England

When DeAndre Yedlin was transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in 2014, it was music to Jurgen Klinsmann’s ears as he finally began to see more American national players move to Europe. As the MLS continues to grow and develop into an elite league, it becomes very important for players on Klinsmann’s current roster to play big European matches. 

The US Just Beat Germany For The First Time Ever On German Soil

Ok, seriously guys, what is happening with the world? The United States was not supposed to be this good, this quickly. Jurgen Klinsmann wasn’t supposed to be finding kids practically off the street — or Straße, in this case — and turn them into world beaters. We shouldn’t have been up 2-1 at any point against Portugal in the World Cup. We shouldn’t have pulled off that ridiculous comeback against the Dutch last Friday.