This Video Proves Rabona Assists Are Both Possible And Absolutely Filthy

The rabona kick is football’s version of a motorcycle. Yes, it’s cool and looks good, but you’re probably only going to hurt yourself. Wrapping your kicking leg around the back of your standing leg in order to strike the ball isn’t going to increase the accuracy of your service, but everyone’s going to know you’re a boss and that your hamstrings are in fine working order.

FC Dallas’ Fabian Castillo has just showed the world that a rabona pass isn’t just a clever bit of showmanship, it’s also the filthiest way to setup a goal imaginable. His rabona assist was beyond beautiful.

The Best Skills Of 2016 Somehow Make It Look Like Hazard Had A Good Season

It’s that time of year. YouTube publishers are pushing out their end of the season round-ups of the best we have seen this year, whether it be skills, goals, or celebrations. It’s an exciting time to be a soccer fan, and a dangerous time if you are one of the many people that gobbles up these videos like crack cocaine. 

John Farnworth Can Tie His Shoe By Juggling A Soccer Ball

Football freestyler John Farnworth has quite the unique show. We’ve all seen street magic videos, and we’ve all seen freestyle soccer videos, but we’ve never seen the two combined. So you can imagine our reaction when we saw John Farnworth pull off some pretty amazing freestyle magic tricks at the expense of other people’s sanity; we looked an awful lot like the disbelieving people you are about to witness.

Cruyff Unveiled His Trademark Move In 1974. The Guy It Owned Says “It Was My Proudest Moment.”

Johan Cruyff died today at the age of 68 after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was the kind of man whom you mentioned in the same breath as words like legend, revolutionary, and inspirational. You did so casually, because that’s how closely related to greatness he was. He was the embodiment of what any person with ambition, a dream, a struggle strives to be, the greatest version of himself. 

18 Seconds Of Jesus "Tecatito" Corona: The Future Of El Tri

Jesus Corona or "El Tecatito" has been touted as the future of El Tri because of his fleet-footed, skillful style of play and his ability to create a piece of magic out of nothing. This video is a perfect example of those characteristics.   

This Video Shows The Terrifying Ordeal Of Facing Messi From A Defender's View

Have you ever wondered what it's like for a defender to face Lionel Messi? We've all seen him embarrass defenders on our T.V. screens, but that pales in comparison to actually having to go toe-to-toe with the Argentinian wizard. 

Lionel Messi

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This Guy Literally Dances On The Field When He Pulls Off Skills

I’m torn. If I played against South African footballer Thabo Rakhale I would be very angry. I would say things like, “nothing he does has any impact on the game.” I would act like a square white dude, but I would try and lock him down, steal the ball, and make sure his bulls*** never works. I can’t help the way that I am.

But watching him…I want to chant “swag” every time he touches the ball and yell at all the defenders trying to guard him, “THAT’S A BAAAAD MAN.” 

Memphis Depay Is A Stone Cold Killer

Memphis Depay is a murderer. In Manchester United's game against FC Midtjylland, The Dutch international repeatedly destroyed poor right back Andre Romer, who was left almost in tears after the display. The Red Devils crushed the Danish club 5-1, and at times it seemed more like Memphis Depay vs Midtjylland as the Dutchman ran rampant. 

South Africa Has More Swag Than Any Other Footballing Nation

The late 19th century to the end of the apartheid era in South Africa saw the rise of townships, urban living areas, built on the periphery of towns and cities. Reserved for non-whites, these sprawling and often underdeveloped slums were contrived as separate living spaces for working class and unemployed black, colored and Indian inhabitants. 

Townships were also referred to as locations or lokasie in Afrikaans. Lokasie gave way to the colloquial term kasi, a word which now encompasses the flavor and distinct style of the townships. 

Tobin Heath Welcomed Newbies To The USWNT By Nutmegging Absolutely Everyone

I’m comfortable calling Tobin Heath the best dribbler on the USWNT. Ever since she dropped this ridiculous elastico before assisting Abby “The Legend” Wambach against Mexico, she’s had the title firmly in her grip…er, between her feet. Now that she’s the reigning queen of dribbling it seems that her reputation is getting her some interesting gigs. For instance, this video of Tobin Heath nutmegging everyone on the USWNT at a recent training camp.