The Greatest Goals Of All Time Are Just Toe Pokes

You don’t ever work on your toe poke, admit it. It’s not a skill you frequently pull off after telling your mates which corner your about to put your shot in during warmups. You’d be called a child and laughed off the pitch, your ambitious toe punt looking nothing like a clean hit off the laces or a swerving effort with the instep. 

But contrary to accepted reasoning, the toe poke is actually the hallmark of a genius. Legends like Ronaldo, Romario, Ronaldinho, Andriy Shevchenko and Diego Maradona all had the infamous action down cold. 

Watch Lee Trundle's Outrageous Penalty Routine Bamboozle The Keeper

Swansea legend Lee Trundle appeared in a charity match for a team of Swansea all-stars on Sunday night, and the 40-year-old, who serves as a club ambassador for the team, scored with an outrageous penalty routine that Bob Bradley’s senior side would be unable of replicating.

Trundle pretended to be tying his boot lace, but somehow managed to get an extraordinary amount of power behind his cheeky toe poke.