The Hunted: The Dribbling Wizards With A Target On Their Shins

We know it as “The Beautiful Game”; We acclaim the footballing artists who offer us an escape from our mundane lives and jobs. With their magical skills, they dazzle and leave audiences of millions in awe.

Of the many beautiful aspects of the game, the dribble might just be the most singular of traits — one that only the truly gifted possess. People of yesteryear worshiped the likes of Maradona and Garrincha for what they could do with the ball. 

We Found These Vintage Videos Of Dutch Street Football. And They're Awesome.

The Dutch are the kings of street football. With the advent of YouTube in 2005, the masters of Amsterdam’s thriving street scene found a global audience in tune with the Dutch footballing subculture. 

In America, the And1 basketball mixtapes had elevated street players to a new level. In Amsterdam, players like Edward van Gils, Issy “Hitman” Hamdaoui and Lenny Macnack, the Streetkings of Dutch football, enjoyed a similarly meteoric rise in their sport.