Transfer Rumors

One Of The Best Young Strikers In Europe Was Exiled To Brazil. Can He Claw His Way Back?

He started out as one of the most promising strikers of his generation. Fans raved about him and managers wanted to coach him, but he hit a wall of injuries all of a sudden and his career went crashing down. Regarded by Mexico's manager Juan Carlos Osorio as one of the best wingers in world soccer today, this player is nicknamed after a bird. And like the legend of another famous bird, he is rising from the ashes of his crumbled career. Yes, I’m talking about Alexandre Pato. 

Barcelona Maybe Can't Afford Messi, Suarez And Neymar

Barcelona have perhaps the greatest forward line ever assembled, but for how much longer?

According to The Sun (so take this information with however many grains of salt you feel are appropriate), Barcelona's wage bill is 73 percent of its total revenue.

The Sun also reported that Barca are planning a £423 million renovation of the Camp Nou.

Ronaldinho Thinks Neymar Could Do It On A Cold Wednesday Night At Stoke

It's a question posed to any footballer who succeeds in the relative atmospheric comforts of Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1: "but could he do it on a cold Wednesday night at Stoke?" The implication being that in the cold of England in winter, players from lesser footballing areas like the Mediterranean and South America would wilt like the dead flowers they are. It is a perfect example of (false) Premier League exceptionalism.

Ronaldinho Hinted His Next Destination Could Be The USA

His return to Brazil did not end up like he expected, but it seems Ronaldinho is not done with professional soccer just yet.

His possible next stop: the MLS.

In an interview with, the two-time FIFA World Player of the year talked about his love for the United States and how the league’s growth is attracting talented and experienced players.

What Were Laurent Blanc And Cristiano Ronaldo Whispering About? Is Ronaldo Moving To PSG?

Cristiano Ronaldo's Careless Whisper in the ear of PSG coach Laurent Blanc has received a lot of attention this week. 

To hear the press tell it, there is no way Cristiano whispered anything other than "I will totally force a move to PSG this summer and then we can use the oil money to take over the world. Of European football."

Of course, the chances of him actually having whispered that are slim to none. We, personally, do not believe Ronaldo whispered anything of the sort. 

Porto Want Miguel Layun Permanently

Miguel Layun has impressed so far this year during his loan from Watford to Porto, so much that Porto have reportedly opened negotiations with Watford to acquire Layun on a permanent basis.

They Said He Should Go To The MLS. He Said #HalaMadrid

It's been speculated that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave the comforts of Real Madrid for the MLS when his contract is up in 2015, but the 30-year-old striker has admitted to having different plans.

“I want to win more. I still feel good, I feel young,” he told Marca. “I am 30 and I want to play five or six more years, and in that time I want to do things right and maintain the level of recent seasons. I know that it gets harder all the time, but in my head I think it’s possible."

Zlatan To Orlando City Next Summer? It Might Happen

Zlatan to Orlando City. Think about it. It could happen. It might happen. It needs to happen. 

Reportedly, the club that currently employs Kaka and made a run at Chicharito Hernandez this summer is setting its sights higher (literally) and trying to persuade one of the best (and tallest) footballers in the world to play his club soccer just down the road from Disney World. 

Two Of The World’s Richest Clubs Want Ronaldo. Here’s Why They Won’t Get Him.

Cristiano Ronaldo transfer speculation is rife again even though the transfer window only closed at the start of September and Real Madrid won’t release the world’s No. 1 footballer until next summer (at the earliest).

As befits a player of his caliber, Ronaldo is being most closely linked with two mega-rich clubs: his former team, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain.