Transfer Rumors

Will Gabriel Barbosa Be The Next Neymar?

Gabriel Barbosa, a.k.a. Gabigol, has a very similar story to many Brazilian youngsters. Born in the suburbs of São Paulo, the talented 19-year-old decided to try to mae a better life to him and his family via a football career. The first club to take a chance on him was São Bernardo do Campo, and soon  he received an offer to come to  Santos FC. 

At Santos his career took off. Santos is known to have a a very strong Youth Academy, discovering Brazilian stars such as Pelé, Robinho and Neymar.

The World's Biggest Clubs Are Fighting To Sign "The Next Ronaldo"

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably at least heard a few whispers about Ousmane Dembele. The young Rennes prodigy could be the new Cristiano Ronaldo, at least according to former Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre, who is now an advisor at the French outfit. 

How Close Is Carlos Vela To Moving To MLS?

The Carlos Vela Spain experience just might be drawing to a close. The Mexican striker hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire this season for Real Sociedad this season, and the Vela-to-MLS rumors seem to hold more weight than ever.

Vela, 27, was left out of Mexico's latest squad, and has four goals in 29 appearances in all competitions so far this season for Sociedad. For a striker, those numbers aren't enough to impress anybody.

Should Jamie Vardy And Riyad Mahrez Stay At Leicester City?

Regardless of what happens during these last eight matches in the English Premier League, the rise of Leicester City is a story that will stay as one of the greatest surprises in league history.

Since the Premier League started being called the Premier League, the only title run that rivals this Leicester stunner was Blackburn’s 1994-95 title. Even so, Blackburn's title race wasn’t as long of a shot as what we have seen this year from Leicester, because the Rovers were the runners-up in 1993-94.

Manchester United Can Be Fixed For $150 Million According To Paul Scholes

Under the reign of Louis van Gaal, Paul Scholes has labeled Manchester United a shamble, a team devoid of creativity, risk and and an unmitigated disaster. His criticism of the current regime has been so fierce that he’s been forced to deny having a personal bias against van Gaal and the current crop of Manchester United players. 

One Of The World’s Fastest Strikers Promised His Grandfather He’d Play For Real Madrid

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has a rare combination of ability and speed, and now it seems he may bring this combination to Real Madrid. In a recent interview with beIN Sports, we learn Aubameyang promised his grandfather that he would play for Los Blancos one day.

Why Gerard Pique Won't Follow Pep Guardiola To Manchester City

With Pep Guardiola coming to Manchester City, so too must come the media storm of transfer rumours. It feels like pretty much every player who has ever been somewhat associated with Guardiola has been linked with a move to the Sky Blues in the past month and Gerard Pique is no exception. However, the veteran Barca defender had some surprising words to say in that regard. 

"My love for Manchester United is too great for me to sign for City," said Pique. "Even though Pep is a great coach." 

Good Riddance, John Terry

John Terry is a dick.

This is not a particularly controversial opinion to have, more of an accepted notion that pretty much everyone on earth who is not a Chelsea supporter believes (and even the Chelsea supporters know this, deep down in the bowels of their consciousnesses.)

Why is John Terry a dick? To borrow a line from the United States Declaration of Independence, we hold this truth to be self-evident. I mean, just look at the guy.

Inflatable Banana Man Has Already Won Deadline Day

Grading transfer window performances is a stupid endeavor. No one can say for sure whether a club has performed well or poorly because the players haven't even taken the pitch yet for their new clubs.

But news outlets do this anyway because they can't think of any better use of time, and the grades get clicks, and clicks get money.

Undoubtedly media organizations are already in the throes of typing out their grades for this January transfer window, even though it hasn't even ended yet.