Transfer Rumors

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Will End Up Back At Manchester United

Unless you’ve been living in a penal colony in the outer reaches of Siberia for the last few days, bereft of internet and with only polar bears to converse with, you’re no doubt fully up-to-speed on the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has “irreversibly” (his words) decided to leave Real Madrid.

6 Big Players in Europe Who Could Sign for MLS Teams This Summer

It’s that time of year: the temperature is hotter, the days are longer, and players are heading for the exit and onto new clubs. Take a look at which Europe-based stars might make the leap to the states this summer.

Diego Costa And Antonio Conte Text Break Up Reminiscent Of 6th Grade Romance

We've all seen Diego Costa's crazy antics this season, from driving a John Deere on the training field to stealing cake at halftime from the press conference room. Although it bolstered Chelsea's internet presence, Antonio Conte was ultimately not impressed.

Nolito Does Not Like The Weather In England

Manchester City attacker Nolito wants out of England, the sooner the better.

He hasn't learned much of the language, just the basics like "good morning", "good afternoon" and "tomorrow". He also is no fan of the weather.

"My daughter's face has changed color. It looks like she's been living in a cave," he told radio station El Transistor. 

Not For The First Time, Pepe Lashes Out

There’s been quite an interesting turn of events in the Spanish capital of Madrid: less than 72 hours after winning their 12th Champions League title, Real Madrid are fighting a public relations battle after some very negative comments from long-time club servant and central defender Pepe. 

This Video Perfectly Explains How Transfer Rumors Are Formed

Transfer season is upon us. That means you are currently being bombarded by silly transfer rumors whirling around your favorite teams and players. You may be wondering how these rumors, many of them far-fetched and even laughable, could possibly get started and gain traction.

Luckily, we have stumbled across a video that perfectly explains the transfer rumor process, from generation to circulation to digestion by you, the transfer rumor consumer. 

Commercial Hints At Possible Antoine Griezmann Transfer

Antoine Griezmann has said his chances of moving to Manchester United are six out of 10. Well, at the 1:04 minute mark in the video below, Griezmann hangs up a call from "Jose".