Héctor Herrera Dejó Ver Las Heridas En Sus Piernas Tras La Batalla Contra El Manchester United

Después del colosal partido que jugó ante Manchester United, en Old Trafford, Héctor Herrera compartió con el mundo las heridas que quedaron en sus piernas tras la intensa batalla. 

Heridas en las piernas de Héctor Herrera

En conversación con Movistar+, HH exhibió su orgullo por haber sido una de las figuras del Atlético de Madrid, en una serie que puso a los colchoneros en los cuartos de final de la Champions League.

Athletic Club’s Iñaki Williams Saw Attempted Horror Tackle On Younger Brother And Was Ready For War

Osasuna’s Chimy Ávila made himself public enemy No. 1 on Monday when he attempted one of the dirtiest tackles on Athletic Club’s Nico Williams. Nico’s older brother, Iñaki, didn’t take kindly to Chimy Ávila’s actions and gave him an earful for the disgraceful tackle.

Sam Kerr Decking A Pitch Invader Has Got To Be One Of The Most Satisfying Videos On Earth

As the Ancient Greeks used to say, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” One guy found this lesson out the hard way when he thought it would be great idea to interrupt a UEFA Women’s Champions League game by running onto the field. He would meet the stiffest shoulder from Chelsea’s Sam Kerr. This Sam Kerr pitch invader video will now sit among my favorite videos ever.

Don’t Be This Guy: Crazy Soccer Dad Runs On Field To Tackle Ref After Call He Didn’t Like

Soccer moms tend to get the rough end of the stick when it comes to being the villain of youth soccer. While the mothers of the world are easy targets, some of the worst people at youth soccer games are the dads. A dad in California wins Asshole of the Day for tackling a referee during a U16 game over a call he didn’t like.

Inexplicable Red Card In Italy Restarts Rumors Of Serie A Match Fixing

It's been 15 years since news of Italy's major match-fixing scandal shocked the footballing world. Calciopoli, as the scandal became known, involved five Serie A sides (namely Juventus) paying off anyone and everyone to influence things like refereeing selections and calls made on the field.

Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini and Zlatan Ibrahimovic — members of Juventus at the time and all still in Serie A — will certainly remember those dark days of Italian football, as well as the subsequent match-fixing scandal that came to light in 2011.

Luke Shaw Bodied Almirón So Badly That It Should've Been A Red Card On Principle Alone

One player dominated the headlines after Manchester United's match against Newcastle on Saturday: Cristiano Ronaldo. His two goals, thanks to two mistakes from Newcastle keeper Freddie Woodman, ensured a story book ending for his Old Trafford return.

Árbitro Se Tropezó Con Jugador Que Ataba Sus Cordones Y Terminó Con Un Codo Dislocado

Seguramente has visto decenas de dolorosísimas lesiones alrededor del fútbol: luxaciones de hombros, torceduras de tobillo, roturas de tibias y peronés y hasta pies que quedan mirando para el otro lado. Es parte del juego y los futbolistas lo saben.

Lo que es raro es que una de esas terribles lesiones le ocurran a un árbitro. No es que los referí estén libres de desgracias físicas, pero entre ellos es más común alguna contractura, un desgarro o cualquier otra dolencia que no alcanza para ser viral en estos días y en esta era.

Tigres Vence A Mazatlán, Pero Se Está Quedando Sin Jugadores Ante Severa Crisis De Lesiones

Los Tigres del Miguel Herrera sumaron su segunda victoria consecutiva en la Liga MX. El cuadro felino ganó 3-0 al Mazatlán, en un resultado que estadísticamente parece un paseo, pero que terminó siendo bastante duro y amargo.

Primero porque Mazatlán apenas aflojó cuando se quedó con un hombre menos, por expulsión de Richard Ríos,  y luego porque Tigres acabaría con cuatro jugadores lesionados. Tres de ellos antes de la media hora de juego.

Bayern Forward Goes Dark On Social Media After Getting Clowned For Unreal Miss

Bayern forward Joshua Zirkzee has gone about as close to underground as possible after he committed one of the worst errors ever seen on Saturday. During a friendly against Ajax, Zirkzee got a little too confident in front of goal. This Zirkzee miss will take a long time to live down.

Zirkzee had done everything right. The 20-year-old produced a slick piece of skill to round the Ajax goalkeeper and only needed to tap the ball into the net. Instead, Zirkzee took his foot off the gas, giving the defender enough time to recover.