Spanish Clubs

The Contentious Transfer History Between Real Madrid and Manchester United

Since 2003 Real Madrid and Manchester United have swapped six players between each other. The total value of those transfers? 167 million pounds.

The first of these incredible splurges? Fittingly a big one for passionate fans of United: David Beckham.

In July 2003, David Beckham completed his 25 million pound move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. The circumstances leading up to the transfer make for an Old Trafford legend.

This Coveted Defender Left Barcelona Because Of Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger

Hector Bellerin established himself as one of the most electrifying young right-backs in the world last season, and he says the fact that he did it at Arsenal and not Barcelona is in large part due to Arsene Wenger. 

For those needing a refreshing for who Hector Bellerin is, he scored this goal against Liverpool last spring. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Even Dives In Practice

Ronaldo either learned a valuable lesson or took his diving theatrics to a whole new level at a recent Real Madrid training.

A video surfaced showing Ronaldo bumping Portugal and Real Madrid teammate Pepe, then Pepe getting sweet revenge.

He went in hard for a tackle and Ronaldo flopped around like a fish out of water. 

What do you think, did Pepe actually hurt Ronaldo or was Cristiano just faking.

This Spanish Legend Died, And Real Madrid Gave Him The Classiest Good-Bye

I hope to one day be as great as Alfredo Di Stefano. That in and of itself is nothing unique or special — many hope to be as great as he was — what’s special is how much I mean it. 

I want to one day be able to be the man that can look into Cristiano Ronaldo’s eyes and know that there is mutual respect in that gaze, that gives Zinedine Zidane his Real Madrid shirt, that makes a club like Real Madrid the legend that it is today. 

In 1997 This Man Scored The Most Powerful Goal Of All Time

If you have been watching soccer highlights since the beginning of YouTube, chances are you have seen this goal.

It’s a classic, the kind of goal that, when you first see it, makes you understand that so much more is possible on the pitch that you may have thought.

That was Clarence Seedorf scoring for Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid back in 1997, and it just might be the trademark goal of his career.

The Tweet Proving Arda Turan Just Made His Dream Come True

It’s gotta feel good to be Arda Turan right now, sure, you are not going to be able to play for your new club, Barcelona, until January, but once you do you will get to be a part of stuff like this:

It’s a footballer’s wet dream, and Turan about to bathe in — OK, sorry, I got a little carried away there. 

Preview And Schedule: International Champions Cup In America

Can’t wait for Eden Hazard to return to Stamford Bridge as reigning champion? Or Lionel Messi to break more records than anyone thought possible? Well look no further, Guinness and the International Champions Cup have you covered from July 'til August with top-flight clubs from multiple leagues battling in North America for the Champions Cup as they prepare for their domestic seasons. 

The Difference Between Messi And Ronaldo, Put Into One Word By Dani Alves

“The question of our times” is often thrown around at bars, universities, and kitchen tables between drunks, scholars, friends, and you and me. It might might take different forms, but its nature is always the same: it’s a question that we all have an answer to, but to which there is no real answer. 

There isn’t really a universal question of our times, but there are specific ones in specific areas. In football, there is no debate about what that question is: Messi or Ronaldo, who is better?

A Look Into Arda Turan: Barcelona's Shock Transfer

Most known for his passing ability and composure on the ball, Arda Turan is a force to reckon with in the midfield, and he is now taking his trade to Barcelona. That’s right, Turan is skipping town in Madrid for a spot in Barcelona’s world renowned midfield. 

In a deal said to be worth around  €34 million with another €7 million in variables, Turan looks to bring a more aggressive attacking style to an already amazing midfield.

The 10 Times Lionel Messi Utterly Embarrassed A Great Player

Messi f***s people up. He runs around a pitch for 90 minutes and performs acts of greatness with a ball at his feet until he makes entire stadiums chant his name, and what’s left in his wake is the stuff of YouTube legend. I don’t think there’s a more viral athlete in the world than Lionel Messi; he might be the first of all time. 

The man destroys people, and then the world makes fun of them.