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The Heartfelt Reason Why Pique Took The Champions League Net

After the final whistle blew in Berlin, millions of Barcelona fans around the world celebrated their fourth Champions League win in the club's history. As those fans overflowed the teams website to purchase champions scarves, t-shirts, and posters, Gerard Pique took a souvenir of his own from the pitch that is simply priceless. 

How Barcelona Could Retain The Treble: Rumored Starting XI

Barcelona have won the treble with possibly the deadliest front three in the modern game, and there is simply no stopping them. As Messi, Suarez and Neymar (MSN) now fight against each other in the Copa America, Luis Enrique is busy behind his desk in Spain creating the next squad that can sustain the current reputation. Which, let's be honest, is as hot as the Hindenburg right before it exploded.

Here are some of the possible line-ups Luis Enrique could use to ensure back-to-back championships:

Option 1 – Play Messi Wide, Send In Pogba As Reinforcement

Neymar Just Showed He Will Never Be As Good As Ronaldo Or Messi

There has been a lot of talk over what will happen once Father Time takes his toll on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo; who will take their place? Many are quick to throw out names such as Pogba, Hazard, and Neymar. These names are all certainly nothing else than the most talented young players on the planet, but they are no Messi or Ronaldo. 

Neymar Hit This Kid In The Face. He Turned That Into A Chance To Shine.

Getting in your last minute touches can be important for a pre-match warm-up, but kicking the ball into a sea of fans isn’t the best way to exit. From what was supposed to be a playful pass into the crowd by Brazil’s number 10, came an embarrassing knock in the face.

Neymar accidentally kicked the ball he was juggling at a young boy as he watched the Brazilian team board their bus before a Copa America match against Peru. After realizing that the boy was hurt from the incident, he was escorted onto the team bus to receive a souvenir he will cherish forever. 

Which Mexican Player Had The Best Season In The UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League is Europe’s premier tournament. Players dream of feeling the rush of playing in that highly competitive environment where heroics for your team will be long remembered by faithful fans, A competition dominated by superstar players such as Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina's Lionel Messi.

Very few Mexican players have had the opportunity to play in the Champions League. Mexico only has 16 well-known European-based internationals.

Which Real Madrid Superstar Has Been Clubbing With Rihanna?

Oh, to be a superstar. The fame, the wealth, the glorious, glorious nights out on the town. Who knows who you might run into from the world of the rich and powerful? You might knock a few back with Will Farrell. You could brag about your greatest athletic accomplishment with Lebron. You could make James Earl Jones laugh and at the classiest place in the city, and then sit back and bask as the rich vibrations of his chuckle just warms up the room. You could even fall in love!

De Gea To Leave Man United: ‘I Want To Go To Real Madrid’

David De Gea, the best goal keeper in the Premier League last season, wants to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid according to  

Messi Is Facing Jail Time And His Lawyers Might Not Be Able To Save Him

The s*** is hitting the fan in just about as slow-motion of a fashion as possible for Lionel Messi. 

Lionel Messi and his father, Messi Sr., first appeared in court over allegations of tax fraud in September of 2013 in Gava, Catalonia. What started there as a dispute over “the routing of 'image rights' income through offshore tax havens” has turned into a protracted legal battle over the years. 

He’s 16 With The World At His Feet. So Zlatan Told Him To Ditch His Dad.

Zlatan faced off against Martin Odegaard as Sweden tied Norway 0-0, and he was his usual candid self after the match.