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WATCH: Never Before Seen Footage Of Messi Dominating As A 16-Year-Old

Lionel Messi is 28 years old. 

Depending on when you became a fan of soccer, that will strike you in a certain way. If you fell in love with the game around 2005 or 2006, you will probably not be able to believe your ears. “I remember when he played with Ronaldinho!” you’ll say — as in back when Ronaldinho was good. Yeah, that long ago — he has aged quite a lot in that time. He’s a man now, not a boy, not even a young man.

Chicharito Might Be Back In Madrid Next Season, But Not For Los Blancos

The highlight of Chicharito's Real Madrid career has to be the goal he scored against city-rivals Atletico Madrid during the second leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

That strike in the 88th minute took Real Madrid to the semifinal against Juventus. Thanks to the hard work of their Mexican forward, Los Blancos had finally defeated their tough as nails hometown rivals.

With that strike, Chicharito had proven himself an asset to Real Madrid’s season, a season that saw him for the most part banished to the bench.

Messi Taught Boateng One Lesson To Make Him The Best Defender In The World

Jerome Boateng believed he would beat Barcelona when he walked on the field on the 6th of May, 2015. He was a part of one of the greatest teams in the world, a German machine that had just completed a ludicrous second leg comeback against FC Porto.

Man U Offering €30m + De Gea For Madrid’s Sergio Ramos

It is no secret that Manchester United want a center back. After an offseason last year that saw them bolster their attack and ignore their defense like a frat brother skipping leg day, Manchester United often inspired anxiety rather than faith whenever its back line fell under pressure. In order to remedy that — and add years to their supporters’ lives in the process — they are now rumored to be looking into Real Madrid center back Sergio Ramos.  

Blancos Forever: Why Real Madrid Will Always Rule Spain And The Football World

Barcelona can’t stop winning trophies.

Yesterday, Sergio Busquests said he believes Barcelona can win the treble every year.

Jamaican Average Joe And Lionel Messi Combine For Selfie Of The Year

As Jamaica bow out of the Copa America after suffering their third 1-0 defeat in a row, Jamaican forward Deshorn Brown decided to leave with a piece of digital gold. 

Ronaldo Rewards Teenagers After They Run Onto The Field

I wonder how many thousands of groundskeepers and security people around the world groaned when they saw this video. Pitch invaders are probably the most annoying part of their jobs, and here is Cristiano Ronaldo, a star among stars, rewarding two of them. It’s just about as close to a rousing endorsement as he could give. 

Messi Gets Beat By A Machine

It’s very, very rare that Messi is surprised by something on the pitch.

So you can imagine how I reacted to seeing him bring his hands up to his face in disbelief after having his shot saved. The fact that someone stopped his shot in the first place would have been surprising enough, but when I realized that that “someone” was actually a “something,” I was just as overcome as he was.

I have no idea what the machine is called, and I have no idea what I would name it. Messi Stopper 3000 sounds cheesy; Keeperly is too cliche.

Real Madrid Fans Want To Sell Ronaldo. He Shows Just How Ridiculous That Is.

Real Madrid fans have a reputation for being spoiled, let’s just get that out of the way. If you are a Real Madrid fan and you consider yourself not to be spoiled, chances are you are either lying or oblivious, because a massive, massive part Real Madrid’s fan base is known to boo Gareth Bale, the man that did this and this for the club, just like it booed Karim Benzema before him.