Paulinho The Hero For Barca In Match Featuring Three Absolute Golazos

Barcelona continue to set the pace at the top of La Liga following a spirited, come from behind victory at Getafe on Saturday. A wonder goal from Gaku Shibasaki gave Azulones a shock lead, but second half strikes from Denis Suarez and Paulinho maintained Barcelona’s perfect start to the season after four matches.

Isco Set To Sign New Real Madrid Contract; Real Madrid Set To Be Real Good For A Long Time

Isco, the best player in the world on current form according to The18's Connor Fleming, has agreed to a new contract at Real Madrid that runs through the 2021-2022 season.

Here's Real Madrid's official statement:

Gareth Bale Said He’s Lazy And We Found Proof

Gareth Bale has finally admitted what we’ve long known. In a recent interview the Wales and Real Madrid winger said his greatest flaw is that he is lazy.

Yep, just like you and me, Bale would rather sit on a couch watching Rick and Morty while eating Cheetos than score goals. And we have proof.

Esteban Granero Thought Pique Was F**king With Him When Introducing 15-Year-Old Messi

A recent interview with Espanyol midfielder Esteban Granero by Spanish daily El Pais has revealed a hilarious and insightful anecdote involving a 15-year-old Lionel Messi and a clash between the youth teams of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

What Does Cristiano Ronaldo’s Goal Celebration Mean?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man of few celebrations. That makes sense. To stay on top as long as he has, you have to be completely about the work, not the reward. However, for a guy that’s scored nearly 630 professional goals in his career, his arsenal of goal celebrations is weak.

La Liga's President Says PSG Is "Peeing In The Pool"

La Liga president Javier Tebas is not happy with PSG's handling of Financial Fair Play rules this summer. Could that be because PSG bought one of his league's most marketable stars, a player who was sure to be the face of the league in a few years' time, for an exhorbitant price and one of the giants of his league couldn't hang on to said young star? Is Javier Tevas extremely bitter about this?

Marco Asensio Is Incredible. Will He Even Start Once Cristiano Ronaldo Comes Back?

Real Madrid's leading scorer so far this season is 21-year-old Spain international Marco Asensio, who has four goals in all competitions.

Asensio is the next great long-range shooter, having torn up Barcelona and Valencia for sagging off him. He's clearly an incredible talent and will be one of the world's best attackimg midfielders sooner rather than later, if he isn't that already.

Terrible News For Real And Barca As Diego Simeone Signs Two-Year Extension With Atleti

There’s no question that Diego Simeone is the best thing to ever happen to Atletico Madrid. The Argentine’s appointment in December of 2011 ushered in the club’s most successful spell in the modern era. That Simeone has been able to accomplish as much during the height of Lionel Messi’s powers at Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo’s at Real Madrid only adds to his legend.

Italy Helpfully Reminds The World Of The Devastating Longevity Of Spain’s Tiki-Taka

This past Saturday, Spain hosted Italy in a World Cup qualifier at the Bernabeu in Madrid. Both sides have won the competition in the post-millennial age and can justifiably feel bitter about being drawn in the same group. Italy, who have a well-established tradition of being utterly awful in the qualifying rounds of international tournaments yet miraculously not losing, are now at risk of finishing second in the group.

Barcelona Has A Terrible August. Arsenal Says, "Hold My Beer."

August was not a kind month to two of the world’s biggest clubs, Barcelona and Arsenal. There were shock departures, shock non-departures, cringe-worthy losses and unimpressive victories. 

Barcelona and Arsenal went their separate ways after the 2005 Champions League final: Barcelona won and has been winning ever since, while Arsenal hasn’t sniffed a league title (let alone a Champions League semifinal) since. But the clubs are still two of the richest, most popular teams, each ranking in the top six in attendance for European clubs.