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You’ll Either Love Or Hate The Champions League On Facebook

Have you ever wanted to watch the Champions League but you didn’t have a cable subscription? Have you ever wanted to listen to two friends who wouldn’t shut up about a match for the full 90 minutes? Facebook has just the thing for you.

The UEFA Champions League debuted on Facebook with a free livestream of the Paris Saint-Germain vs. Celtic match with former U.S. international Stuart Holden and former Dutch international Mario Melchiot providing what was either match commentary or two guys at a bar who didn’t realize they were mic’d up. 

Mark Hamill Now Has A Very Strange Relationship With Wolverhampton Wanderers

Actor Mark Hamill is primarily famous for playing the main role in one of the most popular epics in entertainment history: the quest to find out which football club actor Mark Hamill supports.

Let's take a journey on Twitter: 

Mark Hamill is actually famous for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. As such, he has a lot of followers on Twitter, some of whom noticed Hamill has a habit of liking tweets involving Wolves. 

Lionel Messi's New Tattoo Is Weird

Lionel Messi is a very tattooed man and he has a penchant for tattoos some folks might consider strange. For example, the one on his left leg, which is almost completely black, like someone colored his lower leg with a sharpie.

He has a new tattoo which could be considered weird, a pair of lips (presumably modeled on those belonging to his wife) on his abdomen, which he shared a picture of after Barcelona's 5-0 win against Espanyol in the Catalan derby, in which Messi scored a hat trick.

We Don’t Know Who’s Running Roma’s Twitter Feed, But They Deserve A Raise

Patrik Schick. He’s a Czech forward. He signed with AS Roma on Tuesday. But look, no one cares about the player. Let’s talk about that announcement video.

Peter Crouch Is The Banter King Of The Champions League, Even Though He Isn't Playing In It

Peter Crouch has got jokes. This has already been established, but Crouch re-established it after the Champions League draw Thursday when he saw Tottenham, his former club, had once again been drawn with Real Madrid.

Barcelona's Twitter Got Hacked Because When It Rains It Pours

Let's check in on the Barcelona social media department:


Oh dear. Last night some hackers did some hacking and announced the pretend signing of Angel Di Maria to the whole world. They didn't stop there, those involved spent the rest of the night urging Barcelona to contact them to get their Twitter account back and review their security procedures.

Crying Arsenal Fans Are Victims Of Cyberbullying By The Police

Arsenal fans need Melania Trump’s anti-cyberbullying campaign to get off the ground, and soon. After Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Stoke City, Gooners were the victim of cyberbullying at the thumbs of the Stoke police force.