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Robert Lewandowski Commits An Absolute Howler While Playing With Daughter

Robert Lewandowski proved to the world why he's a striker and not a goalkeeper when a video from his Instagram revealed his terrible abilities in goal. The Bayern Munich star was playing in the yard with his two-year-old daughter Klara when he committed one of the worst acts of goalkeeping ever seen.

Kaká, Carli Lloyd And Yaya Touré Doing Live Chats On FIFA’s Twitter Over Coming Days

World Cup winners Kaka and Fabio Cannavaro will be among the former players to take control of FIFA's Twitter account over the next few weeks as the global soccer body seeks to reach out to fans stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Like most of the global sporting calendar, soccer has ground to a halt as countries battle to contain the virus and FIFA said in a statement that it would launch a series of live chats with former players at 18:00 GMT on Thursday. 

11-Year-Old Finds Genius Way To Practice In Isolation, Professionals Take Notice

An 11-year-old goalkeeper has taken the internet by storm with his unique way to keep his goalkeeping skills sharp. The youth keeper, who is an only child, has proven to the world that even in isolation you can work on your craft.

The boy’s mother tweeted the video out on March 23. Only two days later, the video has reached nearly 10 million views.

Ashley Young Shares Experience Of Living In Italy During Pandemic

Having spent over 15 years in England playing professionally with Watford, Aston Villa and Manchester United, Ashley Young now sits in the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in northern Italy. Young recently took the time to share with his Twitter followers what the situation looks like and to offer helpful advice.

LeBron James Reveals His Favorite Footballers To The World

Week two of quarantine and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is keeping busy on Instagram Live, where he recently answered who his favorite soccer players are. 

Querétaro Fan Accidentally Ruins Woman’s Video Call While Working From Home

I don’t know what this woman was pitching in this conference call, but it’s a yes from me. I’m all in. Let’s produce 100,000. Shut 'em down, open up shop. Oh, no. That’s how Ruff Ryders roll.

Her ability to stay cool and collected in the face of what appears to be Querétaro’s Jair Pereira smashing into stuff is as impressive as an Edwardian cockerel

We Can’t Stop Laughing At How NWSL Clubs Are Dealing With Social Distancing

Staying at home is hard. National Women’s Soccer League players and staff, who were getting ready to start the league’s eighth season, have struggled to deal with it just as much as the rest of us. But many NWSL clubs have found the perfect way to stay connected and prevent boredom while we all practice social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Christian Pulisic Makes His Mark On TikTok

As everyone is trapped inside trying to keep busy, TikTok has been taking over the worldwide boredom. From dances to funny pranks and new celebs joining the community, you will definitely be entertained. 

Chelsea's Christian Pulisic decided to take his talents to the TikTok world and he did not disappoint. In a time of negative news and worry, Pulisic found a way to accidentally put smiles on every football fan's face.

If you need some light in your life check out his first and only TikTok, proof that Pulsiic is just like the rest of us:

Be Sure Not To Miss The Biggest FIFA Tournament In History Going On Right Now

It was feared that for the first time, the month of March would be without a crazy tournament. Filling in for March Madness is the Ultimate QuaranTeam Cup, a FIFA 20 tournament featuring 128 teams from around the world.

During the break, several clubs’ social media teams played games like Connect-Four to fill the void of the football break.

Fabregas Annoys Neighborhood Trying To Be Eddie Murphy While MLS Star Juggles Gold

If you have ever wondered what some of the greatest football stars are doing with their spare time, the answer is either working out or having fun.

The majority of players are sharing their post-workout pictures to show everyone how they’re staying in top form.