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Bastian Schweinsteiger Is In Limbo

Bastian Schweinsteiger is in soccer limbo. He's caught in-between Manchester United, who do not want him, and the Chicago Fire, who want him but cannot have him until his visa clears.

So Schweinsteiger is left to his own devices, which have brought him to Mallorca to train until he's legally allowed to enter the United States.

Zlatan Met The Former King Of Spain

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is mostlyknown for two things: thinking very highly of himself, and doing things on a soccer field that cause other people to think very highly of him.

The first trait was on display when Zlatan met Juan Carlos I, the 79-year-old former King of Spain.

LA Galaxy Rightfully And Hilariously Mock Portland Timbers' Divers

The LA Galaxy challenged the Portland Timbers, and our MLS Rankings of Power, by posting a disparaging meme aimed at Diego Chara and David Guzman after the two combined to get Jelle Van Damme sent off on Sunday.

Van Damme was booked for both tackles although he made contact with neither player. Guzman actually spectacularly injured himself with his dive, which is another joke in and of itself.

Chicharito Is Bald Now

Chicharito lost a Super Bowl bet. We've all been there. We've all had to do some silly stunt or say something outlandish in a public place or, in the case of the Bayer Leverkusen striker, shave our head.

Alberto Moreno's New Tattoos, Ranked

Alberto Moreno got some new tattoos. The man is running out of places on his body to put them, but he found a way. They are very nice tattoos. One is of a tiger wearing a bandana. One is of a panda wearing a monocle. One is of a dog wearing bocing gloves. They are all winners.

Neymar Rips Into Adrien Rabiot On Social Media, Confirming That PSG Will Never Live This Down

Wednesday’s historic match between Barcelona and PSG has already entered footballing lore alongside Germany’s 7-1 destruction of Brazil and Portugal’s improbable victory over France. These are matches that, in today’s day and age, will always provide us with a good laugh and meme. PSG’s capitulation is now part of the comical DNA of the game.