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Famous Footballers Who Are Living It Up This Father's Day

These footballers shoulder a lot of responsibility when they step out on the pitch for their clubs, but they have an even bigger responsibility when they return home. For Father's Day, we are celebrating some of the famous footballers who are also loving fathers. Take a look at some of these players hanging out with their adorable little ones. 

38 Of The World's 100 Most Famous Athletes Are Soccer Players

ESPN published its second World Fame 100 list, and one thing is clear: soccer is head and shoulders more popular than any other sport. 

This Is A Formal Invitation For Cristiano Ronaldo To Join Our Book Club

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man of the world. A renaissance man. A gentleman and a scholar. Such a man would be welcome in any book club, including ours. That's why we would like to extend a formal invitation for Cristiano Ronaldo to join our book club here at The18.

Cristiano, please join our book club. We are very interesting folks and are sure you would enjoy yourself. You seem like you'd be a good fit. Think it over.

Ronaldinho Showed Up At Barcelona Training Yesterday

Barcelona's season has been a disappointment based on their lofty standards. They haven't won a major trophy yet, with the Copa Del Rey the only prize left for them to chase.

That said, it would be hard to be disappointed with Ronaldinho around. The jolly Brazilian showed up at Barcelona training yesterday to spread some good cheer and horse around with his buddies.

The Footballers With The Most Followers On Social Media

Social media is now the most powerful tool for marketing products and services. For celebrities and world-class athletes, social media plays an important role in engaging with fans. As social media becomes more and more commercially influential, it only makes sense that the more followers they get, the more income they'll receive.

Turan And Umtiti Keep It 100 When Assigning Each Barca Player An Emoji

I thought this video was going to be terrible. Most of these club videos featuring two players playing a lighthearted game are unbearable — things feel forced, it looks like it’s the first time the players have ever talked to each other and they want to go home.

But Samuel Umtiti and Arda Turan are really good at assigning their teammates specific emojis. Maybe it’s because we use emojis way too much, maybe it’s because the nearly telepathic understanding Barcelona players seem to share lends itself to little activities like this, but Umtiti and Turan aren’t messing around.